Lakad Pamana Agri-Tourism Farm in Bulacan

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Lakad Pamana Visits Bulacan Farmers in the towns of Bustos and San Ildefonso

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Organic farming or just the “basic farming” skills is now being pushed to young ones to learn to appreciate the importance and interest of educating everybody – – – the daily food we eat, where does it come from? The farmers are merely dubbed as the most underrated job in the countryside, they say “magsasaka lang kami” (we are just farmers). But the realization of it – these farmers are the main food source/providers. They are globally given the highest importance in the economy. Even before the agriculture sector has always been the top-level value of every community.


Some people rely with ready-mades and supplies that will last for how long? But smart ones take the initiative to start with something (that is highly significant) that will benefit in the future, not just for their own sake business-wise, but with concrete plans of co-creating it with the local community. These new breed of farmers serves the community through knowledge sharing and upskill anyone who is interested to shift gears into urban farming or divert into rural lifestyle and eventually be successful entrepreneurs.

Bulacan is making a name in organic farming, start-up farmer, farm-to-table crops, farming methodology through training assistance. Bulacan also boast of a lot of local delicacies and succulent home-cooked meals. Aside from farming, the people of Bulacan are widely known as “mag-iitik” (duck-raising), “itik” produces eggs that are made into salted eggs (in Filipino we call it “itlog na maalat” or “itlog na pula.” This is just one among other livelihoods of the Bulacañenos.

Lakad Pamana recently invited bloggers to get to experience Agri-Tourism in selected towns of Bulacan. To re-capped, we visited the four farms located both in Bustus and San Ildefonso. The group also had a community outreach for school children of Basuit Elementary School.

lakad pamana agri-tourism farm in bulacan

Basuit Elementary School

Lakad Pamana Agri-Tourism Farm in Bulacan

Teodoro Farm in Barangay San Pedro, Bustos, Bulacan. Owned and operated by a real-estate developer Mrs. Victoria Teodoro, her farm is a small-scale farm with oyster mushroom farm, rabbits, native pigs, and vegetable garden. The farm produces 100% organic Crispy Fried Mushroom in variety of flavors.

lakad pamana agri-tourism farm in bulacan

Teodoro Farm

Flourish Mushroom Farm in Basuit, San Ildefonso, Bulacan. Flourish Farm provides mushroom production training and a quality fruiting bags supplier for small-scale mushroom farmers.

lakad pamana agri-tourism farm in bulacan

Flourish Farm

Duran Farm in in Basuit, San Ildefonso, Bulacan. Mrs. Desiree DuranThe Seedling Queen of Bulacan” is a story of rags-to-riches woman entrepreneur. During her early years, she works as “kasambahay” (domestic helper) in Manila and later on became a gasoline girl where she met her husband. Together they started with a fishball snack stand and met someone who will transform her way of life completely. A worker from an Agriculture center whom she hands training info about home-farming. Daisy Duran started planting tomatoes in her backyard and after a period of time she educate herself with adequate trainings.

lakad pamana agri-tourism farm in bulacan

Duran Farm

Duran Farm Agribusiness and Training Center is a farm and resort, specializes in providing small-scale farmers with seedling both from good agricultural project and organic farming. The farm is an authorized TESDA accredited training center that provides comprehensive training and workshops for novice farmers or those who wish to shift careers to become full-time farmers.


Daily Bread Organic Farm in Bust0s, Bulacan. A farm inspired resort owned by the Tamtangco Family, has a man-made forest and well-maintained landscape. The farm is an hour drive from Manila. Accommodations comes in varied framework; there are cabana-style in duplex bungalow, dormitory type, “bahay-kubo” sleeping quarters (Ifugao Hut) and two-storey converted container van with spacious façade that serves as guest’s lounge area (Citronella). There are two types of swimming pools to choose from. Great for gatherings and camping, for large-size family or group the resort allows its guest to bring food or a caterer if you are renting out the venue. The resort can accommodate more than 100.

lakad pamana agri-tourism farm in bulacan

Daily Bread Organic Farm

The farm resort is ideal venue for trainings and seminar, in fact TESDA utilized the place to administer organic farming and native weaving. They sell minasa, a popular Bulacan biscuit; organic honey and organic seeds. Aside from club house, it has conference building, wellness center, library and organic farm.

Enjoy the tranquility of rural life – the nature, fresh air, good food and holistic health.

By the way, Bulacan culinary experience from this trip will be posted at Foodamn Philippines blog soon!

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