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Best things to do at Esguerra Farms

What to do at Esguerra Farms in Lipa City, Batangas?

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Esguerra Farms: Sustainable Agriculture and Its Esguerra Kurobuta Premium Products

July 29, 2023. Lipa, Batangas. Esguerra Farms, located at the picturesque Batangas, is an emerging icon to the beauty and creativity of sustainable agriculture. This family-owned farm, which spans acres of rich land, has not only become a symbol of ethical agricultural practices, but has also blessed the Philippine food industry with a diverse range of delicious and environmentally responsible by-products.

Herminio “Hermie” Esguerra, a visionary farmer, founded the farm many years ago as his place to breed championed horses. The venture expanded with the purpose of cultivating the land while protecting its natural resources. Esguerra Farms has evolved into a vibrant agricultural oasis that incorporates sustainable principles into every area of its operations.

Best things to do at Esguerra Farms

Sustainable Farming. The Esguerra Farms offers an interactive farm tour experience that transports visitors on a discovery into the concept of ethical agriculture and environmental stewardship. The farm has practiced responsible land management, biodiversity conservation, and animal welfare, a proof that agriculture can coexist peacefully with nature while producing abundant yields.

Guided Farm Tour. The Esguerra Farm tour provides an immersive and instructive experience for guests, conducted by knowledgeable guides who are passionate about sustainable farming. The tour begins with an overview of the farm’s history and its transition to environmentally friendly techniques. Visitors learn about the farm’s objective to reduce its environmental effect while increasing productivity.

best things to do at esguerra farms
Mr. Herminio Esguerra

Biosecurity Measures. Biosecurity practices aim to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases onto the farm. These measures may include limiting farm access to essential personnel, quarantining new animals, and implementing proper biosecurity protocols for visitors. Farm sanitation is an important part of agriculture that involves the implementation of practices and procedures to keep the farm clean, hygienic, and disease-free. Farm sanitation is essential for the health and well-being of both animals and people involved in agricultural activities. It is also important in ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products.

Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Crop Cultivation. Witnessing regenerative agriculture in action is one of the tour’s highlights. Esguerra Farm improves soil health and fertility by using novel approaches. Visitors will understand how these approaches aid in carbon sequestration, soil erosion reduction, and long-term sustainability. The numerous vegetable gardens and fruit orchards of Esguerra Farm showcase a wide variety of sustainably cultivated produce. Visitors will learn about organic farming techniques such as the use of natural fertilizers, composting, and integrated pest management during the tour.

Compost and Natural Fertilizers. Esguerra Farms has established an efficient composting system, recognizing the significance of closing the loop and decreasing waste. Organic waste, such as crop wastes and animal manure, is expertly converted into nutrient-rich compost, which nourishes the soil and supports healthy plant growth. This circular agricultural strategy decreases the farm’s environmental effect while enhancing productivity.

Farm-Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Esguerra Farms’ sustainable agricultural philosophy extends to its abundant orchards and lush vegetable gardens. A diverse range of fruits and vegetables thrive here without the use of synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides. The farm’s dedication to regenerative farming principles guarantees that the soil remains fertile and abundant, allowing for a year-round harvest of nutrient-rich produce. The farm has started to grow native and fruit-bearing trees like avocado, dragonfruits, likewise, organic vegetables in every corner of the yard.

Livestock Farming. Aside from horses, the Esguerra Farms has expanded its pig farming to several types of livestock farming, each focusing on different types of animals and products: these includes cattle farming, poultry (chickens and peking ducks), goat farming, and innovative aquaculture which involves hito farming as well as tilapia farming. The livestocks are facilitated in a free-range farming that allows animals to have access to the outdoors, giving them more space to roam and exhibit natural behaviors.

Animal Welfare. The farm’s dedication to animal care can be seen in how they rear their famed Kurobuta. Participants on the tour see directly how these wonderful animals wander freely in spacious and natural habitats, maintained diet and stress-free environment. Esguerra Farms’ ethical approach to raising livestock not only ensures the pigs’ well-being but also produces premium-quality, tender, and tasty Kurobuta pork.

Esguerra Kurobuta: A Culinary Delicacy. Esguerra Farms’ delicious Kurobuta is one of its most sought-after by-products. Esguerra Kurobuta or Berkshire pigs are raised ethically and sustainably, roaming freely and a carefully developed organic diet. As a result, the pork is marbled, soft, and aromatic, earning praise from renowned chefs and food fans alike. Every juicy and exquisite taste reflects the farm’s dedication to the welfare of the animals and the environment.

best things to do at esguerra farms
Esguerra Farms entrance

Eco-conscious Infrastructure. Esguerra Farm has invested in environmentally friendly infrastructure as part of its commitment to sustainability. Participants on the tour learn about the farm’s renewable energy sources, water saving methods, and waste management systems. These green activities highlight the farm’s comprehensive dedication to environmental responsibility.

Employee In-House Housing: Building a Healthy Farming Community. Employee in-housing on farms goes beyond the typical concept of giving workers with a place to live; it signifies a commitment to developing a thriving and sustainable farming community. Esguerra Farms express their commitment to the well-being of their workforce by providing a feeling of belonging, improving work-life balance, and addressing the needs of their employees. Furthermore, this technique contributes to the reduction of labor shortages, increased productivity, and environmental sustainability.

The Ethos of Sustainable Farming

Esguerra Farms is a model of sustainable agriculture, where the concepts of ethical farming, environmental stewardship, and high-quality product coexist harmoniously. The farm’s broad selection of by-products thrills both the palette and the soul, from the exquisite Kurobuta dishes to the clean fish ponds and fresh organic fruit.

Esguerra Farms provides an inspiration and a reminder that the choices we make as consumers have a huge impact on our environment as we strive to seek more responsible and sustainable ways of living. Supporting such ethical and ecological initiatives allows us to enjoy not only the delightful fruits of their labor, but also the knowledge that we are helping to create a better and more sustainable future for future generations.

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How to get there?

626 Indian Street, Dagatan, Lipa City, Batangas

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