Best Things to do in Pundaquit San Antonio Zambales

Barangay Pundaquit established its name following the progress of the area, distinctly the nearby islands and the Anawangin zone. The best things to do in Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales aside from beachfront are located on every side of Pundaqui. Explore the Zambales mountains, enjoy the fresh seafoods, tropical fruits, and local kakanin, or engage in island hopping adventure.

Best Things to Do in San Miguel, Bulacan

Travel Guide: Heritage and culinary places to see and try when planning a trip to San Miguel, Bulacan
Best Things to Do in San Miguel, Bulacan

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San Miguel Arcangel Church (San Miguel de Mayumo). San Miguel Arcangel was founded by the Augustinians in 1607 as a part of the Candaba (border between Pampanga and Bulacan) visit. From 1726-1872, San Miguel Arcangel has visited the towns of Gapan and Macabebe both located in Pampanga proper. San Miguel town was used to be acknowledged as part of Pampanga province. The current church was built with bricks, concrete, and steel in Baroque architecture, spearheaded by Padre Juan Manuel Tombo in 1848. Construction was completed under the term of Padre Francisco Arriola in 1869. In 1898, during the Spanish regime, the church became the fortress of the Spaniards under Lieutenant Telesforo Carrasco until they yield to Philippine revolutionary headed by Col. Pablo Tecson. During the World War 2, the structure was heavily damaged and underwent re-organizing in 1941-1948 under the term of Padre Honorio Resurreccion. It was re-constructed in 2003. To date, the church is administered by the Diocese of Malolos. San Miguel Arcangel is said to be the only Spanish-era church in Bulacan province that has belfry attached on top of its pediment. Atop the entablature lies a stone sculpture of Saint Michael slaying the demon. The church also serves as the resting place of notable families from Bulacan, part of Philippine history you can visit the late Dr. Maximo Viola’s tomb, he is known as a close friend of Jose Rizal, who is also a propagandist and writer like Rizal. He financed the publishing of Rizal’s work – The Noli Me Tangere.

best things to do in san miguel bulacan

San Miguel Arcangel Church

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