Best things to do at Fiesta Carnival

Best things to do at Fiesta Carnival

What to do at Fiesta Carnival in Araneta Center, Cubao

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Rediscover the nostalgia and experience thrills at the Fiesta Carnival

January 20, 2024. Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Cubao, a busy district in Quezon City,

Best things to do at Fiesta Carnival
Fiesta Carnival main entrance. (Image by Drei Villena)

Philippines, is well-known for its active lifestyle scene in addition to its bustling markets and vibrant culture. One of its most notable features is the revival of Fiesta Carnival, which is housed inside the recognizable Araneta Center. The Fiesta Carnival is a shining example of simple outdoor fun during the 1980’s to 1990’s. Here’s what to expect at Fiesta Carnival, including exciting rides, attractions and delicious snacks,  provided at the former venue of the original carnival that became Shopwise and then refurbished to carnival again.

Latest carnival attraction. The modern addition to Fiesta Carnival is the Electric Carnival (EC), it caters to young adults and adults alike with leisure games such as bowling lanes, billiards, Korean-themed roller skating rink, and arcade games. Likewise, one of the main

Best things to do at Fiesta Carnival
Roller Skate Fever

attractions is the Wii Jump Trampoline park both for kids and adults.

Kid-friendly Rides. Exciting rides are the lifeblood of any carnival, and Fiesta Carnival delivers on this promise. There is excitement for every adrenaline addict here, ranging from timeless favorites to cutting-edge thrills. On coasters like the Happy Wheel, Tiger Train, Chicken Run, Walking Dino and the Speed Star, which promise breath-taking spins, twists, and turns, brave kids can put their mettle to the test. For those looking for a more relaxed experience, the Carousel provides a wide-angle perspective of the carnival grounds and the surrounding area.

Games and fun for the family. Families will love Fiesta Carnival, which offers a ton of activities and attractions for kids and adults alike. Play traditional carnival games like basketball shootouts, balloon darts, and ring toss to test your mettle. Win prizes to mark your accomplishments. Families will have a fun-filled day of laughter and bonding as young children enjoy rides like the Bumper Cars, Ball Battle City, Boat Pool and Snow playground, while F1 Go Kart, Soft Playground and Karaoke Rooms where adults may join in the action or unwind at the adjacent seating areas.

Snacks and treats. Enjoying delectable food is a must-do during a carnival visit, and Fiesta Carnival provides a mouthwatering experience. As you go about the carnival grounds, there’s no shortage of delectable fast food options to try, ranging from savory treats like french fries, tacos, and pizza. For a flavor of real Filipino carnival food culture, make sure to sample specialties like corn dogs and nachos to sweet treats like cotton candy and funnel cakes.

Best things to do at Fiesta Carnival

Happy vibe. Fiesta Carnival is unique above all because of its colorful, lively ambiance that whisks guests away to a carefree world of excitement and joy. The carnival grounds are decked out in vibrant colors, sparkling lights, and upbeat music that evoke feelings of excitement and celebration. The carnival is a genuinely remarkable event because of the spirit of camaraderie and mirth that penetrates every area, whether you’re strolling hand in hand with a loved one, laughing with friends, or creating memories with family.

Rates. Fiesta Carnival offers free admission, so you may choose the rides and attractions you wish to use and just pay for those. While Reloadable game cards are available from Php 200 with a bonus of 50 load.

Php 60 per ride for the following:

  • Speed Star
  • World Trip
  • Carousel
  • Tiger Train
  • Bumper Cars
  • Chicken Run

Other rates:

    • Walking Dino- Php 90/ 5 mins.
    • Boat Pool- Php 90/ 5 mins.
    • Snow Playground- Php 120/ 15 mins.
    • Ball Battle City- Php 120/ 20 mins.
    • Soft Playground- Php150/ 30 mins.
    • Happy Wheel- P150/ ride
    • Roller Fever (includes: skating gear, skating aids, coaching and locker use) – Php 340/ hr; Php 699/ day pass
    • Wii Jump Trampoline Park – Php499/ hr; Php399/ additional hour; Php 3,990/10-hr multi-pass
Best things to do at Fiesta Carnival
Wii Jump Trampoline park

Make time to visit the park. We’re very sure kids and kids-at-heart everywhere will want a piece of this as it all sounds like a crazy wonderful time. Expert advice: arrive early. There are lengthy lines for rides and attractions on weekends and during peak hours. On weekdays, though, visiting after work or after school ought to be the greatest experience.

Make time to visit the park, As per the management, the park would close again at an undisclosed time due to redevelopment projects by the Araneta Center.

Bring back the nostalgia. Everyone hoping to lose themselves in a world of excitement, delights, and never-ending fun should make time to visit Fiesta Carnival at Araneta Center, Cubao. It promises an experience that will keep you smiling long after the carnival lights have dimmed with its thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions, delicious snacks, and festive atmosphere. So gather your loved ones together, let your inner child loose, and join Fiesta Carnival for an adventure you’ll cherish for years to come.

How to get there?
Araneta Shopwise, Araneta Shopping Center, General Aguinaldo Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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