CARTIMAR Pet Shop Flora and Fauna

CARTIMAR Pet Shop: Flora and Fauna

What to see in Cartimar

Cartimar Pet Shop
Flora and Fauna Section

This is the second part of Cartimar pet shop and shopping mall that we previously featured. On weekend, though not routine basis, we spent Cartimar shop/canvass mainly because we breed personata african lovebirds (ALBs) as a hobby and frequently buys dog accessories and supplies.

Cartimar pet shop is divided into multiple sections, the center part of which are the canine, birds, cats, rabbit, and other animals for sale and its wide range of supplies from feeds, treats, accessories and cages. Exotic animals like martinez (PhP350 each), african gray (PhP35,000) are one of the best finds you can have during a lucky day at Cartimar.

Cartimar Pet ShopFlora and Fauna Section

African Gray