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The Impact and Role of Destination Marketing

What’s Next: Digital Narratives

March 2022, Quezon City, Philippines. Our team recently attended the ”What’s Next: Digital Narratives” webinar, held at the UP Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT).

Destination marketing plays a crucial role in promoting and developing tourism in a particular region or location. The impact of destination marketing is far-reaching and can affect the local economy, environment, culture, and society.

  1. Economic Impact: In many areas, destination marketing plays a significant role in economic growth and development. It helps to attract visitors, which generates revenue for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. This can also create job opportunities in various sectors such as hospitality, transportation, and tourism-related services.
  2. Environmental Impact: While destination marketing can help to promote natural attractions such as national parks and wildlife reserves, it can also have negative environmental impacts such as over-tourism, congestion, and pollution. Therefore, destination marketing must balance the economic benefits with sustainable practices that preserve the environment and local culture.
  3. Cultural Impact: Destination marketing can also help to preserve and promote local culture and traditions. It can showcase the unique heritage and customs of a particular location, which can help to increase appreciation and understanding of different cultures.
  4. Social Impact: Destination marketing can also have a positive social impact by promoting community development, social cohesion, and cultural exchange. It can help to bring people from different backgrounds together, creating opportunities for social interaction and mutual understanding.

Impacts of Travel Blogs and Vlogs

As summarized by the resource speakers, Dr. Maria Criselda G. Badilla, OIC Director  of UP AIT – Division of Academic Affairs, and Carl Francis T. Castro,  Chairperson – Tourism Department, School of International Hospitality Management of La Consolacion College, with regards to the roles of travel vlogging, they identified the areas of concern:

  1. On tourist’s perception, travel behavior, and visitor experiences – stated that when travelers are deciding which place to visit, they reflect critically and assess the YouTube channel’s content. Arora and Lata. (2020)
  2. On destination marketing organization – highlighted that travel blogs have become important for destinations as tourists become ambassadors sharing travel experiences and encouraging others to consider the destination. Llano (2021)
  3. On SDG 12 – UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 aims to promote sustainable patterns of consumption and production. Without producing brochures and other marketing materials, vlogs are used to advertise locations in a creative way to reach a wider audience and develop sustainable marketing strategies.

Impact of Environmental Storytelling

Gab Mejia,  a conservation photographer and a National Geographic explorer, highlighted the aspects of environmental and cultural issues and making sure to be able to change and/or conserve something.  Being a digital storyteller, he likewise mentioned the other impacts, mainly: to reach a number of audience, to raise awareness, to educate and share new knowledge, to showcase your work, to develop collaborations, to garner donors, to fundraise, to engage new people, and to empower a local community.

Overall, destination marketing plays a vital role in promoting and developing tourism in a particular region. However, it must be done in a responsible and sustainable way that balances the economic benefits with the preservation of the environment, culture, and society.


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