10 Tips for Christmas Home Interiors

The Basic Principles for Christmas Home Interiors and Decorations
Guided by Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID)

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Do you know that there’s a design principle to follow when putting up a Christmas tree? But neither basic procedure or standard rules to avoid when decorating your Christmas home interiors! “Design more is more” that’s the spirit when decorating and coming up with an extraordinary Christmas theme. For average consumers, prepping up their  Christmas home interiors takes creativity, simple resources and recycle christmas decors. While for big companies and exclusive villages, these guys hire someone to do the works. And they totally rely from their most trusted interior designers. Homemakers need to be reminded of the key things to remember how to properly style their homes.


Don’t have christmas home decorations yet?  Take it from the “Home for the Holidays“, a brief talk from the Philippines’ topnotch interior designer,  Mr. Jie Pambid (the current director for external affairs)  shared some pointers to decorate our homes with elegance and full spirit without even hiring high-paid interior designers. =)

Mr. Jie Pambid of PSID

Held last Saturday, November 24 at the Interior Zone (carpark building and the old CyberZone) SM City North EDSA.

10 Tips for Christmas Home Interiors

#1 Decide which part of the house to apply christmas theme and decorations/ornaments. Consider the following areas to integrate your Christmas theme: foyer, den, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, toilets and baths.  Anything is possible as long as you have the passion and innovativeness.

#2 Choose theme that matches your personality and lifestyle: traditional, eclectic, glam, industrial, modern, vintage, asian, candy, etc.

#3 Invest in garlands and wreaths, display it on areas to compliment the christmas tree or the whole  space. You can never go wrong with wreaths, just limit the use of too many colors. The most recommended color pattern is to stick  and play with  two to three colors.

#4 Install mirrors (optional), an important tools to double the effect of quantity and be able to trick the viewer’s sight.

#5 Come up with genuine idea and use reusable material. For example: Use katsa to replace expensive curtains. Match and distribute the color palette of the room to achieve consistency with the theme. Or you can make use of a christmas table cloth for something else, like to cover the christmas tree’s base.

#5 Remember that the standard room ceiling height is equal to 9 feet. Always allocate 1 foot distance between the ceiling and the tip of the christmas tree (tip of the angel or star).

#6 During house construction, it is better to advise your interior designer or electrician to install covered floor electrical outlets for your christmas tree and ceiling-based electrical outlet for your christmas light decorations. Electrical cables should be discreetly hidden to display the focal point of the christmas tree. Also avoid using an “octopus” extension cords, always think of safety measures to avoid electrical outrage and possible short circuit.

#7 A 6 ft. christmas tree typically requires from 1,000 to 2,000 lights. And 500 more lights for every succeeding feet. Don’t settle for sub-standard lights, invest on quality and safety.

#8 Choose a christmas tree that is proportioned to the overall dimension of the room in terms of breadth and height. A small-size and thin christmas tree fits a condo unit or even an average flat’s staircase. Blend it with garlands and christmas trinkets to spice up the space.

#9 Consider the color, height (tall or short), thichness, fresh or faux  christmas tree,  preferably that jives with the theme you are working on. It should be placed on the main point of interest of the room. Focal areas: corner space fronting the main door, beside the grand staircase or beside a piano.

#10 Basic process of installing the christmas  tree: lights first, garlands and ribbons next and then trimmings and ornaments last. Upon rolling out the lights, remain the lights turned ON while completing the ornaments to visualize the effect  and uniformity of the overall design. When setting up you christmas tree, allow a temporary space for movement when decorating the tree. In this way, all the trimmings and stuff will be evenly distributed even the back side of the tree. We don’t want our christmas tree to look like half-baked. =)

Filipino homes usually starts decorating their christmas home interiors as early as September, during when “BER” months started to roll out. The period when radio stations starting to play christmas songs. While shopping malls and wholesale vendors creatively suggests shoppers what’s the “IN” thing to have for christmas seasons decors.  It became an old tradition when celebrating Christmas!

With today’s modernization, comes the sudden death of our truly Filipino traditions, like the “parol” (Filipino christmas  lantern – basically star shaped) for instance. Mr. Jie Pambid mentioned that as an interior designer, he observed  and felt frustrated that some Filipino homeowners rarely displays and hang parol in their windows and entrances. Instead it popularizes a Western culture with the likes of an inflatable Santa Claus, Snow Man, reindeers, carousels, gingerbread man, north-pole theme, etc. Instead he wishes every Filipino homes to instill the customary display of “parols”, it may not be as lavish as the San Fernando lanterns or Capiz-made lanterns. He advised people to find even the simplest parol that matches your home.

Have you been hanging parol in your foyer? Or from a window? Tell us more about it, why not take a photo and post it in your facebook or twitter. Comment back with your facebook link or twitter link, we’ll feature it to our facebook page! =) deiville.com will choose 3 best parol photo and will receive a surprise Christmas gifts. “Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!”

More photos from Home for the holidays by Jie Pambid (PSID)
Photobucket Media http://s994.beta.photobucket.com/user/daryll_dial/library/deiville

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