Best things to do in Binondo, Ongpin

The Busy Road to Binondo, Ongpin Street
Welcomes The Year of the Metal Rabbit 2011

Best things to do in Binondo, Ongpin 

February 2, 2011 – Ongpin has been one of our favorite places in Manila since we got inclined to feng shui   addiction. Ongpin or Binondo is the little Chinatown found in Manila surrounded by shopping haven Divisoria, Carriedo and the subsequent streets for merchandise/goods. We headed to Divisor and made a shortstop in Binondo to purchase some raw materials for a project, as well as to score some chinese “anik-anik” [trinkets].
From the stretch of Juan Luna St. you’ll find the Shrine of San Lorenzo Ruiz, turn to church left side [Paredes St.], it’s the start of strutting Chinese New Year feel. Taking the ride yearly forecasts and fruits collection for the chinese new year traditions. They say it sweeps away bad luck and cures for life enhancement. These are just keen steps to psychologically pump one’s determinations. To motivate oneself thru the help of personal praying, positive thinking and hardwork. This is my photoblog adventure as we walk through the streets of Binondo.


Best things to do in Binondo, Ongpin_2011 Best things to do in Binondo, Ongpin_2011
Interior: Shrine of San Lorenzo
mural ceiling
lucky charms and stuff
we got ourselves and friends something!
quick consultation + purchase = rapid sales growth
item/s you purchased is being cleanse from the singing bowl,
gotto have one like that in my home!

when in Chinatown, forget McDonald’s
We get to eat lunch at Kim Hiong at 3:00 p.m. 
Eng Bee Tin branches are all jam-packed with buyers of tikoy and hopia. Eng Bee Tin Hopia is one of the popular brands “pasalubong.” Considering it’s Chinese New Year, the demand/supply is outrageous! Tikoy cost PhP 200 per box [plain or flavored], Hopia cost PhP 44.00 per piece [variants: Ube-Queso, Ube-Langka, Monggo, Buko Pandan. It’s the least I can remember, there are more flavors available.]
my foodblog on this is on the other side
Foodamn! Philippines
never leave Ongpin without Eng Bee Tin
the buko pandan hopia just got refilled, it was so “ubos!
luckily I spotted the staff quickly and embrace the hopia! 🙂
Tikoys sells at a Page Rank #1!


seriously, it’s a long que before you can take some



While the wait is on, dragon dancers are everywhere along the streets. They come in different forms, colors, race and age. We spotted some Bombays humming in the streets, funny is that they have their own red “ampao” envelope. 



finally! we’re heading home…
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
*All images are owned by Daryll Villena., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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