What to do during Chinese new year celebrations

Preparation to Make on Chinese Eve
From the Works of an Average Filipina

What to do during Chinese new year celebrations

A Filipino-version of sharing an old Chinese traditions to enhance the animosity of life in general. We’ve been listing down notes and digesting the works of Feng Shui for a couple of years. During the new year’s eve, here’s what you need to prepare.

1) Schedule a general cleaning [house and rooms]
2) Have a haircut
3) Change bedsheets and linens
4) Purchase new undies and pj’s
5) Give oranges, if your sosyal give red “ampao” envelope 🙂
6) Rice urn should be full
7) Coins with red ribbon
8) Have some fresh flowers to attract energy.
9) Pay all your debts
10) Resolve differences with family members, friends, neighbors and business associates.
11) Also if time permits, make a sweet & sour fish, shrimp [dynamism], noodles [longevity] & roasted pork [prosperity]. 🙂
12) Positive thinking, prayer & hardwork


More photos: Symbols & meanings of my photoblog-tsik

What to do during Chinese new year celebrations
What to do during Chinese new year celebrations
Welcome Metal Rabbit – Year 2011!!!


Pineapple – for prosperity
Kiat-kiats/Oranges – for abundance & good fortune
12 Pcs. of fresh Garlic Heads – the Chinese have so much faith in the healing powers of garlic that they believe it alone could ward off the ill effects of diseases.
Ginger -the Chinese believes that this especially benefits family relationships. A piece of ginger remains whole despite being slammed to the floor. The same principle will apply to the solid ties of a family.
Banana – for financial matters [it wasn’t in the picture]

Labuyo – for business
Raw peanuts with shell- for happiness
Uncooked rice place in an urn with ampao [PhP168] on top
Taro – the odd shape of multiple fruits sprouting from just one root signifies the flourishing of the family in terms of descendants and the growing of the family business.
Water, sugar & salt
Sweet/Candies/Gold Coins – for home sweet home, gold & good fortune
Yeast/Cake – for growth
SM North / The Block Hypermart – Tikoy world

There’s nothing wrong in embracing and believing in the tradition of others as long as you work hard for it and you don’t depend your life on it to be the only source of your fortune.

Feel free to share your comment and justify our self-invented world of feng shui 🙂 Feng shui is not a religion, it’s not a superstition. It’s a science of how the nature in us behaves. This article is not made by a full-bred Chinese, we were simply amused to their way of life.

*All images are owned by Daryll Villena.


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