How to make a logo and the basics of project composition with LogoJoy

Desktop publishing has been my most used tool when it comes to DIY projects both for personal and blogging needs. Branding-wise is a critical aspect when creating a modest design. It doesn’t need to be loud and eye-catching, in fact the secret in making a professional looking logo is to blend it with minimalism.


A professionally presented logo design is a proven approach to identify your brand, your product or your service to the marketplace.

Your logo represents your brand
– The character you want to imbibe
– Your target audience
– Brand awareness
– The message is king


How to make a logo

There are a bunch of tools for you to kick-start your logo design draft. Some uses the old method of free-hand sketching/scale drawing. But the most useful software tools you can consider learning are the Adobe Photoshop and the Adobe Illustrator. On our end, we normally like a “personal touch” composition because we believe in the beauty of hand-made outline. Then we proceed in digitizing the sketch using Photoshop. It’s a case to case basis, if it can be done with the use of desktop publishing for faster result then it’s alright.

In creating logo design or any digital artwork, you should consider doing mind-mapping technique. Write down the purpose and the ideas you have in mind. When we say purpose – what is the relevance of the design, the target market, and the narratives boxed in a logo. In making design you need not to be a ninja to come up with a sophisticated outcome, all you need is to spark your creativity and resourcefulness, that’s a genuine idea!


The Basics of Project Composition

  • Decide on what your goal is – determine up front who is your target market
  • Compose and illustrate your message – don’t waste space, convey your message with your design
  • Set the tone – the objective of an illustration is to call/draw attention to your “message,” what you can’t say can be shown through picture alone
  • Choose your color concept – the rule of the thumb is to utilize 2-3 kinds of complimentary colors. Adding too many colors or shades could blow the whole elements of your logo. Stick to minimalism.
  • Choose your layout – your design should include the following elements: scale, shape, typeface, dimension, spacing, positioning, and depth
  • Organize your font and graphics – align the placement of elements, size and spacing of text. Pay attention to details such as typographical errors and colour match.
  • Check the artwork – review your design from the reader’s point of view or have someone else proof read your design and listen to their suggestions. If you feel like it needs a little improvement, make a revision until you achieve the level of satisfaction.


Having trouble making a logo?
Don’t have the knack in designing? A friend in the industry vouch for LogoJoy. This is design website for on the go people. I tried the applications and made sample logos for my blog and came up with these designs.

logojoy-how-to-make-a-logo logojoy-how-to-make-a-logo offers an automated design maker. Technically it’s a free online logo maker, one doesn’t need to be skilled to create a logo that will stand out in the crowd. When using Logo Joy, initially you will be asked to input the required text (about your brand/services) in my case my blog title and slogan. Then choose at least 3 to 4 color shades. Choosing symbols are optional, I skipped that process. The site laid out the logo to choose from! The guys who conceptualized this is damn amazing! It’s user-friendly and cost-effective. The logo collections were processed in less than a minute. You can apply revisions from colors, font types, and elements, just click in UPDATE and it’s done! Considered it low-cost because once you finalize the logo design you want; you only pay for that piece. They offer 3 package rates for specific need: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

Great things are possible, give it a try! 🙂, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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