Manila bloggers at the tech-voc blog conference

Tech-Voc Education: Raising the bar for licensure and board examination

A Call to Action: Licensure for technical-vocational courses with Tony Galvez

Tech-Voc BlogCon

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Tony Galvez tech-voc blog conference
With Mr. Tony Galvez and the bloggers during the Tech-Voc blogcon

Quezon City. May 2014. Mr. Tony Galvez, owner of the Tony Galvez School of Cosmetology and an officer of Technical and Vocational Schools and Associations in the Philippines or TEVSAPHIL – National. He is known as an expert in the technical and vocational education and training industry in the Philippines. The conference tackled the subject of the plight of the tech-voc students and the state of the industry as a whole. He discussed the  in depth details of the livelihood tracks and the professional tracks and how it can be improved to achieve  global excellence and recognition.

Licensure for technical-vocational courses

He is lobbying for the the Tech-voc ACT, a wake up call for “licensing” skilled professionals.

Him as a salon expert say “Service comes first (before income). Cosmetology is not a silly profession, it takes skills and science. Not your ordinary “taga-kulot“.

We are the only cosmetology school in the Philippines that offers cosmetology courses with a curriculum based on international standards and global training structure, that are intensive and rigorous, to hone students to be globally competitive. We are the only beauty school in the country to be recognized and accredited by the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology in the United States. Our hairdressing and cosmetology courses comply with the international licensing requirements.” Galvez said

Tech-voc hindi bobo

With that being said, the public perception about technical-vocational courses are still regarded as lowly job and a cheap alternative compare to a degree course. Licensing and board exam for tech-voc graduates will elevate the status of the industry. As well as leveraging the curriculum and technical experts who lead the students towards quality training and education. Right now, our tech-voc graduates are considered half-baked, more so when they apply jobs overseas. Employers abroad looked into their skills acquired in the Philippines, most of the time they are demanded to reskill or upskill by taking in another course to equip them to become qualified. The thing about the tech-voc programs given by the Philippines’ tech-voc schools is that they lack quality standards of training. The agency needs to set a standard to become a highly qualified and a model school so that our graduates will finally be recognized as professionals in their chosen field. Japan, Korea, and other neighboring countries have developed a straight forward programs for their students. And that they have given it an importance — tech-voc being the driver of the economy. Tech-voc is a high paying job in most industrialized countries. Here in the Philippines carpenters, electricians, barbers, and the rest of tech-voc based jobs are treated and paid below what they are supposed to get. With proper licensing, this industry is very promising as seen abroad.  And when the total revamp of the training programs happened, maybe someday, foreign students will allow themselves to study here in the Philippines.
tech-voc education
Politician Mr. Joel Villanueva’s reply on our tweet

Our tweet on May 20, 2014
#Deiville updates on #TechVocLicensing
Sec. Joel Villanueva has replied from my retweet from Teacher Ia’s blog – “RT Are TESDA Graduates Half-Baked? @secjoelv RESPONSE needed #Tuwidnadaan #BossAngBayan #DrivenSyndic8”

Responses made by on my feed:
“@GreenDei wish ive more space to ans but
1.PQF has 5 levels on TVET (nc1-diploma)
2.Tesda is mandated by law to certify TVET qualifications.
3.assessment & certification of TESDA is ISO certified
4.licensing board being proposed isnt d response to half baked graduates
5.Tesda registers programs acdg to standards develop ed by industry. programs are regularly audited to ensure compliance. Thx!

Manila bloggers at the tech-voc blog conference
Manila bloggers at the tech-voc blogcon

More images at Tech-Voc BlogCon, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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