How to Redeem PERA SWIPE App Accumulated Points and Tips to Maximize Earning Rewards

Tips to Maximize your Pera Swipe App and Redemption of Reward Points

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Constant swiping left and right with Pera Swipe app from your smartphone will rack up reward points if you do your work diligently. Depending on how often you do/use it, typically you will be accumulating points until you decide when to redeem those Pera Swipe points with either prepaid load or Sodexo mobile gift certificate. For those who do not have Pera Swipe ID, check our step by step guide with “Entrepreneurship: PERA SWIPE App Introduces Swipe to Earn Rewards.”

DEIVILLE’s Pera Swipe App dashboard

Cashing in or redemption is practically simple:

  1. From your Pera Swipe dashboard, click the Pera Store – redeem box from the upper left as shown is the picture below. pera-swipe-app
  2. Check your current balance or your actual accumulated points for redemption.
  3. Choose the item to be redeemed: prepaid load or Sodexo mobile pass.
    For prepaid load: a display menu will appear like this:pera-swipe-app
    Enter the cell phone number and wait until you receive the load and a prompt “REDEMPTION COMPLETED”pera-swipe-app
    For Sodexo mobile pass: you need to fill-up a form before processing the redemption.


Tips on how to maximize earning reward points with Pera Swipe app

Pera Swipe app is an Android-based mobile application, a lock-screen program that displays mobile ads to gain points. If you haven’t installed the app yet, go to Google Play Store  and use my Promo Code – DEIVILLE upon signing up to earn 500 points instantly. Create your own Pera Swipe ID this will be your Referral ID as well. As Pera Pals, your earned points can be converted to mobile loads, mobile gift certificates and prizes.

Basic Tools: Android smart phone and a reliable WiFi or data connection. For newbie Pera Swipe app users, learn the art of swiping

#1 Make swiping a habit – the more you swipe the more chances of earning points on a daily basis. Swipe left and right endlessly to earn 200+ points every day!

Get +1 point from every swipe
Get +3 points for up to four times every hour

#2 Scroll up and down – view landing page or social media posts

#3 Check the announcement from the Pera Event menu – Join contests and events posted as scheduled. Some events and contests run for a limited time like the Certified Pera Pals, rewards points from this event are credited to your account the next day. From this menu, watch out for higher points at stake like that from Stars for Pera Swipe, Loyalty Bonus, Share Event, Unlock 50 and Unlock 100 and lists goes on.

#4 Follow Pera Swipe facebook page – Get the latest updates, promos, and announcement about the app from facebook

#5 Encourage and invite friends to install Pera Swipe
Earn 500 points by inviting friends. The more friends who download the app from your referral,
the more points you gain. Upon signing up, use my referral ID DEIVILLE to earn 500 points on the spot.

By the way, based on our usage we accumulated 2,956 with Peragon avatar, once you level up to a certain tier the user’s profile avatar will unlock a different character. We are actually looking forward to the iOS version of this app. Maybe I could consistently swipe then and now.


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  1. Why can’t I get my load. I redeemed my points for load. It says that I must wait for up to 2 minutes but it’s almost 10 minutes and I get nothing? Can you fix this?

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