Quezon City Road: Sidewalk Obstruction at New Capitol Estates I

New Capitol Estates I in Quezon City
Sidewalk Vendors Allowed by City government


Since the construction of the expanded foot bridge in front of McDonald’s Commonwealth, the supposed annual “baratillo” vendors were transferred a few meters from its original location. The whole 4th quarter of 2012, the sidewalks and front areas of New Capitol Estates 1 were fully consumed by “tiangge” vendors. These stalls are apparently organized by Quezon City government headed by Mayor Herbert Bautista. Not to mention tarpaulins from what netizens referred as “epal” politicians were frequently adores this sidewalk. 🙂


What pisses people from these sale activities were the the sidewalks that should served its purpose was neglected. They frequently target the area because it’s near St. Peter church and Ever Gotesco Mall Commonwealth were patrons walk in between these landmarks.


The stalls and tents are built side by side, if you’re passing by both your left side and right side are occupied. Making the sidewalk limited to a few people and uncomfortable to pass by if you’re running out of time. But most of the people enjoys sight-seeing commodities and visually satisfied even when they have to pass the diverted sidewalk. Instead those on the run tend to use the main road and avoid the traffic from the sidewalk.


Note that they started covering the sidewalk early September, come Christmas season 2013 these vendors are bound to spend time and traffic again. We hope they organized the activity and minimize the vendors on one side alone, so that half portion of the sidewalk will serve the tax-paying public.

More photos from NCE I sidewalk
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