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Last year, I’ve heard about Royal Oasis Spa from Purple Plum Fairy blogger, the first blogger’s event hosted by Royal Oasis. If I may recall that was December of year 2011, her stories and return visits were inviting and at the same time sounds hilarious, knowing Vance Madrid’s gullible attitude makes me want to have a closer look to a serene and relaxing venue.

Perfectly timed when we were pampering ourselves from a nearby spa inside Manila Ocean Park compound, I received an invites from another health blogger Sarj, asking for’s availability and willingness 🙂 to join the second batch of Royal Oasis Spa blogger event. Who am I to decline an invitation located within my vicinity — in the heart of bustling Commonwealth Avenue.

More about Royal Oasis Spa

The health and wellness center is strategically located in North of Quezon City, away from the noisy crowd of shopping malls and busy main roads of Manila. It’s a good thing Royal Oasis Spa decided to place it independently to retain the company’s tagline “haven of peace and relaxation.” Although the place is secluded in such a way to minimize negative elements, upon entering the spa center – a warm greetings from the staff, Zen-infused ambiance and breathe of cleanliness welcomes client.

Before hitting the massage proper, a cup of warm ginger tea is served to every client to lighten up the mood. What’s great about Royal Oasis was the relaxing foot soak, the spa has a customized built-in foot sink (hot/cold water faucet installed on the flooring) wherein your footsie will get a soothing scrub and towel dub from a massage therapist. Sounds like a pampered princess, right? =) The foot soak actually cleanse your feet from dirt and germs, all clients undergoes foot soak before the royal massage.

Services provided by Royal Oasis Spa

Thai Massage (Royal Treatment)
Full-body massage with accupressure-based treatment and stretching techniques (hard massage) – PhP300 / 1 hour or PhP400 / 1.5 hours
Swedish Massage (Royal Tranquility)
Full-body kneading massage for blood circulation and detoxification (medium to hard massage) – PhP450 / 1 hour or PhP550 / 1.5 hours
Aromatherapy Massage(Royal Serenity)
Full-body massage that integrates Swedish massage and therapeutic oils – (medium to hard massage) – PhP550 / 1 hour or PhP650 / 1.5 hours
Volcanic Stone Massage (Royal Indulgence)
Full-body massage with the use of pre-heated basalt stone combined Swedish massage and special oil – PhP700 / 1.5 hours
Foot Massage (Royal Comfort)
Soothing foot massage accompanied with hand and back massage – PhP200 / .5 hour or PhP300 / 1 hour
Relaxing foot soak from Royal Oasis
Royal Oasis Spa further improves its customer service by giving the massage therapists with proper training and refresher course from time to time. The center does not only focus on delivering serene massage but packed itself as a total relaxation hub. With courteous and highly trained staff, they do make sure to implement a complete satisfying atmosphere of the place. This means, cleanliness of the place, tranquil music and subtle aroma jives well within the interiors of the room.
The company recently launched the Royal Oasis Signature Massage; it’s a combination of various massage services good for two and a half hours (2.5). Can’t wait to try this one out.
Volcanic stone massage from Royal Oasis Spa

Overall, Royal Oasis Spa in vibe a unique sense of value for relaxation.  To de-stress the mind and body relaying the benefit of wellness and good health. We felt a great amount of refuge over the relaxing massage and royal treatment given to us. I managed to try the Volcanic stone massage. With the heated basalt stone combined with Swedish massage and apple-peach massage oil, it was a relief and great haven for me. Although the stone’s heat is kinda new to me, I remember the same effects given by ventosa massage cupping therapy (candle-massage). But for the volcanic stone massage, the stone’s level of heat can be adjusted through towel layering. The massage phasing is well coordinated from the therapist from the handworks and breathing techniques of the staff. There’s no sense of urgency, I can say. It’s about time that community from the North of Quezon City should hear more about Royal Oasis Spa. Massage services are rate reasonably and nothing can compare the value of relaxation and customer service they give in return. Before going in, I suggest to make a necessary reservation, as they get fully booked frequently.
More photos from Royal Oasis Spa
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Royal Oasis Spa
Unit 1-D GV Square
North Fairview Commonwealth Ave Extension
Quezon City, Philippines
[t] 442-3701
[m] 0917-9426176
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday from 2:00PM to 2:00AM (Please call for an appointment/reservation)
Facebook Updates visit:
How to get there?
From EDSA main road
By private vehicle
Turn to Quezon Avenue going to Quezon City Circle all the way to Commonwealth Avenue. Passed by Ever Gotesco Mall and Sandiganbayan. From Regalado intersection (Fairview Center Mall and McDonald’s). GV Square Bldg (Royal Oasis Spa) is located in front of Elyong’s and right beside Kowloon.
By public transport
Ride a PUJ, bus or FX going to SM Fairview, created by Green Dei (Daryll)
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