Christmas Cramming Tips

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Christmas Cramming Tips
Guide to your Holiday Smart Shopping


Compiled Christmas shopping suggestions and last minute look out.

1. Browse and shop online. Be sure to purchase only from reliable and trusted group buying websites.

2. Gift certificates (GCs) or gift cards are perfect to anyone, the lesser you think the better for the receiver.

3. Write down your list on a little white paper, planning is the key to make simple task be done in less than an hour, divide it by gender and age.

4. Get in the shopping mall early to avoid the flow of traffic both inside the mall and outside the road.

5. For those unconventional, shop after the Christmas rush (say December 26 onwards) some shops went on sale and give discounts. Give Christmas presents on January 1, in any ways, Christmas in the Philippines last until January 2 or more. 🙂

6. Food gift baskets or pre-packed gift are a little costly if you were to give a number of heads, but it saves time and efforts.

7. Save on dainty Christmas wraps. Use recycle paper bags or brown bags instead.

8. Keep an handful of (extra) generic gifts for those your surprise guests or the one you forget.

9. Do away with plastic toys (tagged with harmful chemicals), there are educational and fun items you can give to your “inaanaks”. Consider wooden toys, books , DIY items, or apparel.

10. Plants are great to give as you remind your receiver to care more for the environment. Or if they are pet lovers, why not give something that the pets could use personally. Think of what your loved ones and friends inclined to their hobbies and likes.

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