Quezon City: PLASTIC BAGS Ban – Not the Solution to Protect the Environment

Quezon City Regulates Plastic Bags Use
Public sees it as total eradication of plastics

Banning of Plastic Bags in Reality Harms The Environment


Recycle PET Plastic Bottles

Recycling Ideas: Recycle Plastic Bottles for Calamity-stricken country like Philippines Philippines’ geographical location has always been the target of calamities like typhoons and storms. Since we are considered a third-world country, when disaster hits us, the poor-dwellers were the ones who suffered most, in which case the government, private sectors Read more…

DIY Travel Guide to Talipanan Falls and Mangyan Village

Mountain Trekking at Mangyan Village and Talipanan Falls
DIY Travel Guide to Talipanan Falls and Mangyan Village

Talipanan Beach, Oriental Mindoro

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April 2012. Mindoro Island is always been a sure-fire destination having a strategic location, bound from island to island – it’s an easy access for travelers and adventurers. Standing next to Batangas Pier, there’s a lot of areas to explore and re-visit. I disagreed to some hear says that Puerto Galera has lost its luster. We’ve been in Puerto Galera and some areas in Mindoro since way back 2000. There are actually new resorts that was developed why local and foreign tourists keep  coming back.
DIY Travel Guide to Talipanan Falls and Mangyan Village


ECOPARADISE PRODUCTS at Zenyu Ecospa – Hotel H20

Ecoparadise Philippines
Introduces Ecoparadise Products with Negative Ion Component
at Zenyu Ecospa, Hotel H20
Manila Ocean Park

More and more people are shifting to health frenzy natural therapies and remedies [products or services] one way or another. A new kind of natural relaxation and by-products came up from Ecoparadise Products. Some nowadays are becoming paranoid, health craze. There are those who instantly influenced by the market trends, which are in reality- half-baked neither effective nor true lies. Some dictated by the marketing ploy. Yes there are products that yields improvement and result-oriented, but in my own opinion humans have different levels of body system and absorption depending on how a certain component would react.
ECOPARADISE PRODUCTS at Zenyu Ecospa - Hotel H20 1
Ecoparadise Pail
PhP 1,736 [approx. $40.5]