How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App

Manage your collectibles and merchandise products with Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App

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How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App
From the App Store or Google Play, install the mobile app to get started

Over the years, Collectors Hive have created a tech-driven tool to cater to Filipino collectors, connoisseur, avid toy ninjas, hobbyist, and collectible traders. From designing a dedicated web page to building an item scanner app, Collectors Hive aims to unify their platform by building an upgrade of the scanner tool, the Collectors Hive App. The mobile app is free to download on Android enabled phones (Google Play) and on iOS devices (App Store). On a lighter note, the mobile app user should be at least 17 years old and above. For young enthusiasts under 17, you may request from your parent/guardian to register under their account or better ask for permission to allow you to install the app. Young (underage) collectors can use this to archive his/her own collections for personal use and research for stocks and price comparison, however, selling, purchasing, and trading requires adult supervision.

Universal Barcode Scanner (UBS) is a mobile app that enables users to use the smartphones as an instant reader for product barcodes in general. Users can easily scan Universal Product Codes (UPC) and European Article Number (EAN). Existing items without barcodes can still be added to your cluster of collection by adding it manually with the updated picture and description.

Likewise, as a collector or trader the advantages of having a hand-held barcode reader is to smoothly scan product barcodes anytime, anywhere. Access the facts instantly – check to verify the information about a particular product, look over the market trends and price comparison across the borders, and discover fellow collectors within your area of field and interest.

Moreover, the UBS scans QR codes for events, activities and other information proceedings such as web addresses, email, Vcard, standard promo codes, discount vouchers, raffle codes, cryptocurrencies and many more.

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_blog

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App

Sign-up to become a member. Install the app Collectors Hive.  To allow worry-free registration, you may sign-up using your existing Facebook account or sign up manually.

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_signin
Register via manual sign-up or from your Facebook account

Member’s Profile Management. Navigate to the bottom tab (home icon), click the horizontal lines on top left of the display to drop-down the help and setting tab – then click update profile tab to input your preferred username, upload your avatar and cover photo. This section is also referred to as the Buzz Stream. Typically like social media streams.

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_home
Home tab

Barcode Scanning. From the home section, navigate the Scan icon on the center bottom  beside other essential icons from left Home, + icon, Storehive, and the Auction section. Scan item barcode or upload collection from this section.

Navigate the (+) sign on the bottom left of your display to upload your collection through manual input or add any other revisions. View product specifications and start organizing your uploaded images according to categories with appropriate descriptions. Make the most out of your profile to entice other collectors.

From thehelp and settings tab, create a personal and brief description about your account. Password update can be done on this section and uploading valid ID. The display also shows the notification alerts, messages inbox, friends list, CH credits, vouchers and the marketplace.

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_settings
Left tab: to access Help and Settings.

Community Store Hive. To access the storehive, navigate the store icon. The display will prompt systematize buy, sell and swap facilities. Shop or window shop to view each item for detailed product specs, stock availability, and compare merchandise selling price.

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_storehive
Storehive tab: to access and search all the active sellers and traders

My Collection. To access your profile and collection database, navigate the Collectors Hive Home (center).  The screen will display your total number of collections, number of categories, and number of clusters. Once you start scanning barcodes, uploading photos, and input data, you need to select the appropriate category and sub-categorise them for every item you input. From here, the system will arrange your collectibles. After each download, the user has the option to edit the item information. Depending on your genre of collection, the system will show below your profile name the majority of your collection categories.

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_collection_profile
My Collection icon as  viewed from my app (iOS).

Note that for the Android features which have an updated version, the scanner icon can be accessed at the center of the nav tool.

Buzz Stream.  The Buzz stream is your Home tab as well. It works the same way as a social media platform. Interact and connect with collectors, keep your network updated by appreciating your fellow collectors through comments and sharing. Social streaming can be done by clicking the bee icon on the right corner of the screen, from here users can upload photo, video, links and add captions to be posted on your timeline. It has the function to post likes and comments within the Collectors Hive community.

Receive real-time updates and announcement via real-time thru push notifications and local app notifications.

Community Auction. Navigate the auction icon to search for active public sale. Members can post items for bidding.

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_auction
Auction tab


What happened after joining the Collectors Hive App?

Based on our personal user experience (UX), when I did my blog review Collectors Hive Item Scanner last 2017. During that instant, I registered by means of a Facebook account. Was able to upload two images, one is an old Bandai Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino piece we acquired back in 1995. I checked them out today, still displayed under Total Collection Piece and Number of Main Collections. Despite that I was not really active with the app, but we have a number of personal collections to be uploaded. We haven’t completed the process yet.

To date, we were given the opportunity to try the app once again with the upgraded version of the mobile scanner. As I was going through my previous account, we couldn’t retrieve the username and password. I was looking for the ‘forget password’ tab, maybe this is the part where it needs improvement. But then again, back when I used the Facebook login – the account already updated with a different profile name, different email and password login. Maybe that’s why I cannot pass through logging in. Since time is of the essence, signing up instantly by means of Facebook is the easier call to action. In time, we’ll update the setting into manual log-in.

Our profile user is now up and ready. We will soon upload the old-fashion items and scan new items with intact barcodes in it. We’re not manic collectors, it’s more on clinging on the sentimental hype of an object that once became part of our childhood all the way to our adult journey. Toys and items we collect are like a memory bank, it serves its purpose of telling stories onto your lineage – child and future grandchild. Like history, these collections will leave your legacy, the value may not be lucrative even so they entail distinct recollection of what you did during your heyday.

The importance of this app is the convenience to IX/UX availability. It’s perfectly crafted for beginners. Glitches do happen in every app program; this is why the development of a certain tool is a continuous process. Collectors Hive’s committed innovation will draw attention to circles of passionate collectors. The trading aspect is just as important when collecting. The authenticity of the product, checking of out of the ordinary items, and the availability can be done from this mobile app. Sellers, traders and buyers are guaranteed with every merchandise. CH has the market position to emerge as a trusted player in the country, in time when people thoroughly recognize the value of what they offer. The Philippines have a great number of diverse collectors; we hope to see them join this exploratory group. The experience was fun actually, if you’re having a slight problem with the scanning and tinkering, just try to familiarize – go back and forth, do trial and error to extend your knowledge. There’s no excuse nowadays because we are directed towards the fourth industrial revolution. Or you can also team up with your family, your sons and daughters, and grandchildren. These guys are tech-savvy, they’d be willing to give you a helping hand. Treat it as a family portal where you can exhibit your home collectibles. After all, we will definitely pass all of these material things to them, so start sorting your collectibles and get ready to share the stories behind it, and most importantly,  enjoy the process.

Our hive. Soon, come tumble with our scanned items through our Collectors Hive cloud. To give you a hint, yes we’re an anime freak and have already pass the hound to my daughter who now speaks/converse advance Nippongo just by watching anime and teaching her counting basic numbers in Japanese during the toddler years and have also passed the buckets of Sailor Moon dolls (vintage it seems), Sailor Moon toy camera, wand, toy figures, accessories, tote bag; Anpanman vinyl toy and story books. What else, our Tokidoki haul, PAL models, jigsaw puzzles, philately, pencil collections, caps, etc. These are personal collections and for the basis of display only through the hive, as they say “Flex ko lang.” *wink*

How to use the Universal Barcode Scanner by Collectors Hive App_628 × 629
Some of Deiville collection from the hive
What is Collectors Hive?

Established in April 2016, Collectors Hive is an online portal and mobile technology platform created to address the foreseen concern of the collectors such as conventional spreadsheet of collectibles, lack of social community support, divided groups, lack of appreciation, market and innovation especially in this digital age. These are some of the things that hobbyists struggle on.

Collectors Hive provides a way to keep valuable memories, create a wholesome atmosphere for collectors and connect them together. Collections vary from a wide variety of toys to breweriana, tobaciana, coins, fashion and trading cards to rarest and expensive paintings, petroliana, furniture, antiques and vintage cars. Other type of collections that aren’t mentioned above are very welcome.” See full post at 2017 blog review about COLLECTORS HIVE APP INTRODUCES ITEM SCANNER., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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