Best things to do in Subic, Olongapo City

Travel Guide: Accommodation, itinerary and places to see when planning a trip to Subic, Olongapo

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Best things to do in Subic.  Olongapo City

January 2017, Olongapo City, Zambales.

Walk along the coast. Subic Freeport is a strip of water at the other end. During the day you can have shopping at duty free shops, at night restaurants and bars are mostly active.

what to do in subic olongapo city
Subic free port zone

BuMa Hotel. We’ve tried several hotels here in Subic – The Light House, Subic Park, and Vista Marina. BuMa at that time were interested to try. Why BuMa, it stands for Busan and MAnila. A Korean and a Filipina couple owns the property, hence the name Buma Hotel.

what to do in subic olongapo city
Buma Subic Hotel and Restaurant
what to do in subic olongapo city
The Lighthouse

Roam around Olongapo City. During our childhood, we stayed and traveled back and forth in Botolan Zambales for a few years.  When we were kids, Olongapo road trips were lively equally in both daytime and nighttime. Subic then but fully occupied by the American military. Merely all stores and establishments were made in the USA.

what to do in subic olongapo city
Olongapo town proper

Visit the theme parks in Subic. Include Zoobic Safari (2009) , Ocean Adventure (2009)

Shop at Subic Freeport. Some American brands/establishments remain in the free port. From this trip, some shops locked abandoned. On the other side, some locations are now replaced by shopping malls. Back then, there were monkey-watching activities along the Subic forest. Yet, there is still an existing Duty Free Store – Freeport Exchange. From time to time, this is our favorite place to buy beach essentials like board shorts, all-cotton shirts/apparels, wines, canned goods, chocolates, home accessories and other goods which are normally priced in dollars but you can pay them in peso. An American-brand shirt normally costs $2.

what to do in subic olongapo city
Subic freeport exchange shops
what to do in subic olongapo city
new malls
Botolan, Zambales. We were surprised that this town has evolved with eco-tourism sites. Some locals are into social enterprises.
what to do in subic olongapo city
Botolan town proper

Iba, Zambales. This is the town proper. The wet market here is bigger than in Botolan.  You can find a lot of beach resorts all the way to Masinloc. Zambales is an agriculture region, you can buy good seedlings for your urban gardening.

what to do in subic olongapo city
IBM, the provincial capital of Zambales
what to do in subic olongapo city
different kinds of seeds from a sari-sari store in Iba, Zambales (January 2017)

Masinloc, Zambales. There’s an island in Masinloc, also in Palauig where you can find a fine white beach. They may be far, but the best part is they are accessible by land. Then arranged a boat transfer at a minimal amount. Our last visit here was not the beach but the DENR. We saw a lot of mahogany seedlings, only that they were not for sale.

what to do in subic olongapo city
DENR in Masinloc, Zambales

What to eat at Subic. See the complete foodie post at Foodamn Philippines.

what to do in subic olongapo city
Meat Plus at Subic, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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