The Habit of Wealth – The Mental Attitude That Will Make and Keep You Rich and Turn your Life Around by Learnium Events

The Habit of Wealth
July 29, 2017, Saturday from 9:00a.m.– 12:00 noon
Palm Village Conference Center
125 Zodiac Street, Makati City 1211

The Habit of Wealth is an interactive financial literacy workshop dubbed as “Master of Money” to prepare your financial status into a meaningful one, to have an in-depth grip on how to handle money matters towards wealth success. Embrace the “Road to Riches” fundamentals with Mark Tier, an Australian author based in Hong Kong, is NLP Master Practitioner, and the author of The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet and George Soros.

the habit of wealth by learnium events

Change Your Mind: Change Your Life
What separates the rich from the poor and the middle class is not money in the bank but a mental attitude: The Habit of Wealth…. most people have the mental attitudes of the poor or middle class—and the associated beliefs and emotional reactions about money that keep them in a permanent state of financial insecurity.

By attending The Habit of Wealth workshop “you’ll learn what money is, the right way to handle it, and—most importantly of all—you’ll master all the tools you need to change your subconscious emotional reactions to money.”

The half-day workshop will cover the following:

• Discover your “money personality”—and how it may be keeping you from achieving financial freedom
• Confront the emotional hang-ups that are keeping you from practicing The Habit of Wealth—and learn how to overcome them
• Find out how to resist the money drains that are keeping you poor (without offending anyone important in your life!)
• Learn the “3 rules of money” you never learnt at school or college—even if you have a Ph.D. in economics or business!
• Master 3 stress-relievers you can apply any time—even in the middle of a difficult meeting with your boss! —which won’t cost you a single centavo
• Grasp the truth about money: how and why it’s the very opposite of “the root of all evil
• Learn 5 “mini-habits” you can adopt effortlessly that will help build your very own foundation of wealth . . .
• and the 2 simple strategies that let you sit back and watch your money grow!

The Habit of Wealth workshop uses “accelerated learning techniques—which means you’ll be learning painlessly by having fun!” Kids are encouraged to join, introduce the process as early as possible. “The sooner you do, the more years you’ll be able to watch your money grow. That’s why both Henry Sy and the American billionaire, Warren Buffett, are far richer today than their nearest counterparts: they both started executing the habit of wealth while their friends were busy throwing basketballs and chasing girls.

Workshop rates:
Early Bird Discount ₱950 (until July 26 only)
Regular / Walk-in ₱1,499
Kids ₱399

Registration is strictly first come, first served.

Sign-up at http://www.learniumevents.com/adopt-habit-wealth/

Payment Options:
1. Bank Deposits
• BDO Savings Account (Sumulong Branch)
• Account Name: Learnium Events Services
• Account Number: 0066-3022-7351
Please send a soft copy of the deposit slip to: learniumevents@gmail.com. Kindly include your name and the title of the event that you signed up for.

How to get there?
Parking is available at the venue which is also near the Guadalupe bus stop on Edsa. The entrance to Palm Village is off Estrella street. And the Palm Village Conference Center is on your right just next to the basketball court.

The Habit of Wealth workshop is organized by Learnium Events Services
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