Travel Philippines: What to bring in your next travel adventures

For local and foreign trips, be sure to remember these travel essentials and tips

What to bring in your next travel adventures

How great it is to be a Filipino, we have the best beaches, tons of tourist spots, undeniably great cuisine fusion, provinces with exceptional beauty in terms of landscape, historical value and culture to immerse, share the experience with others.

We’ve been to several local tourist spots in the country the farthest is Ilocos Norte (been eager to visit Batanes soon!) in Luzon and Davao City in Mindanao. Perhaps we have different preferences when it comes to travel, some like the full-prep, planned long-haul flights while others have penchant for random road trips. Depending on the situation, like for us whenever we’re bound somewhere like hiking/trekking, beach trips, food trips these are more often done with effortlessness planning. Most local outings we did involve planning the number of heads, days of stay, booking of hotel accommodation, travel time and proximity of accommodation to places to visit, local food and places to try. That’s about it. But for foreign trips, travelers need to carefully planned the essentials and by all means luggage are cohered to bring only what’s important. “What’s inside your travel bags?”

Travel essentials and tips
1. Medicine Kits
To have a memorable and enjoyable trip, we should be healthy and worry-free from sickness. Bring your personal medicines that  offers health and wellness for your travel needs!
o daily of medicines – helps promote immunity against sickness
o paracetamol– relief from dizziness/motion sickness for long-haul flights and road trips
o digestive medicine) – relief from hyperacidity for food trips and relief from diarrhea/LBM for food trips

Choose  medicine that offers quality-proven products an affordable cost. There’s no excuse not to bring these travel buddies!

2. Vanity Kit or hygiene kit
These handy goods are a must in every travel (even on errands), typical hygiene kits includes: all in POCKET SIZE – wet wipes, facial wipes, feminine wipes, even facial tissue, alcohol or hand sanitizer, mosquito lotion.

Check your hotel/guest house for the availability of basic amenities pertaining to hygiene essentials suck as toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, lotion, body soaps and wash. If none, bring the travel size and have it place them in your check-in baggage

3. Lightweight hooded jacket
It’s a must item for us, it serves as protection from cold weather and slight rains whenever we are on the go. I recommend Uniqlo jacket It comes with inside and outside pockets in light cotton material.

4. Scarf
I bring extra scarf just in case a family member may needed it. Unlike hooded jackets, the purpose of scarf is both for cold and warm weather, it protects us from the heat of the sun, wind and sometime face covers when sleeping or when walking in smoke-polluted areas. Opt for trendy patterns or minimalist scarf to avoid labeled as “pang-lola” (grandma look) style. 🙂

5. Sleeping pillow
Whether on a plane ride or bus ride, sleeping pillow gives comfort. We don’t usually used the pillows from the plane (these stuff are crazy dirty and has been used by previous passengers). I’ve been window-shopping for neck-pillows around the metro, so far the firmest of them all can be found in Mumuso , plus they have kawaii designs.

6. Lightweight messenger bag/go bag
Your go bag contains your travel essentials, sometimes I prefer the messenger type bag because of enough space where I can put in even bottled water, beauty kit, wallet, purse, travel documents and mobile gadgets. I recommend the messenger bags from Herschel, Converse, Billabong, and Jansport. Just use a bag organizer and you’re ready to go!

Whenever you’re in for any travel adventures be it short staycation or long road trips, makes sure you packed light and free from worries with your travel kit essentials.

Uniqlo, Mumuso, Herschel, Converse, Billabong and Jansport are the brands I bought personally. Not a paid advertisement., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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