WINNER From Deiville + Loudbasstard Collaboration Online Giveaway

Deiville + Loudbasstard Collaboration

Online Giveaway
Earth-Friendly Living Series
Social Media Philippines would like to thank my sponsor, Loudbasstard for the online giveaway worth PhP1,200; and the contest participants who joined in our social media campaign, although not everyone was able to submit an official entry despite our random reminders about the mechanics. Not sure if they clearly understand that the Rafflecopter will only track followers and the choice of winner will ONLY depend from the activity sheets submitted. Let me know how the  mechanics puzzles you, next time we will make it simpler but still it won’t be unique without using individual creativity. 🙂 And maybe our next giveaways are designed for parent readers. Deiville has been receiving request from some mothers rings awesome contest ideas. For entrepreneur parents, send me your proposal and let’s make things happen.

Here are the entries we received from Deiville Facebook Page:

 photo Karl-Joseph-Ku-entry.jpg
Entry #1 – Karl Joseph Ku
Amplify your creativity with #deiville and #loudbasstard
How does you entry amplify your creativity? “With the Sound Technology of Loudbasstard it’s like having your music in 360 degrees. It’s happiness in every corner.”

 photo Lorraine-Valenzuela-Ilagan-entry.jpg
Entry #2 – Lorraine Valenzuela Ilagan Amplify your creativity with #deiville and #loudbasstard
How does you entry amplify your creativity? “Well as an engineering graduate I can’t remember the last time I touched any coloring materials except for maybe highlighters but that doesn’t count. So this took me back to my art classes from way back reactivating the creative juices I didn’t know I still have. Inspired by the UAAP. Wooh! Go La Salle! Animo!”

 photo deiville-loudbasstard-online-contest-01.jpg
WINNER From Deiville + Loudbasstard Collaboration Online Giveaway
Karl Joseph Ku

Winner of Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifier/Speaker worth PhP1,200 was raffled via Rafflecopter, please view contest link for the official winner
Online Giveaway: Deiville + Loudbasstard Collaboration
Congrats to Karl! 🙂
Winner was chosen via Rafflecopter’s combined points and activity sheet entry.
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Disclosure: This giveaway is in not any way sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Prize was sponsored from our kind friends from Loudbasstard.

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