The Mind Museum Sneak Peek

Mind Museum at Taguig City

The Mind Museum at Taguig conducted its first exhibit testing event called Minds-at-Work last 26 May 2011 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. We  were lucky to be part of the preview. There were around 300 pre-invited guests, of all ages, who had a sneak peek at the exhibits.  They played with around 20 selected pieces, a small part of the over 250 exhibits that the museum will have when it opens this December.
The various exhibits seen at the event were not yet completely finished. The Mind Museum wanted to get the feedback of the public in terms of the exhibits’ interactivity, durability and aesthetics, which the museum will incorporate as it completes these pieces. The Mind Museum considers guests’ comments as invaluable in helping it become the country’s center for the public understanding of science.
The exhibits included pieces designed by Filipino artists working with scientists to show specific science principles. Some of the more popular ones were: the “Air” exhibit which is a tornado maker; “Whirlpool” which is our version of the traditional gravity well found in science centers; some giant math puzzles; “Big Small Wonders” which features a handheld microscope that could project images of microscopic things onto a big screen; and “Lucy,” a scientifically accurate rendering of a 3.2 million year old human.
Exhibit: Packing Square Box

Arrange and fit all the squares in the given space.  Discover the different ways of packing objects.

Exhibit: Bernoulli’s Principle
Tilt the basket and watch the floating ball follow. Learn more about what makes birds and airplanes fly.
Exhibit: Whirlpool
Marvel as the balls spiral around the giant gravity well.
Exhibit: Solar Bugs
The sun (represented by the halogen lamp) makes the bugs come alive. Learn how solar energy powers the motor that makes the bugs move.
Exhibit: Air
Pass your hand over the sensor and watch a tornado form.
Exhibit: Spelling Life: DNA and Genes
How much do you know about DNA? Answer the multimedia game and know more about this unique code that is responsible for the diversity in living things.
Exhibit: Canopy of Life
Marvel at nature’s wonder by watching plants grow or animals move in high speed or slow motion through the Spin Browser.
Exhibit:  Canopy of Life
Did you know that mushrooms, a member of the Kingdom Fungi, not only come in the shape of an umbrella? Tinker with these other mushroom forms and have fun hitting, stepping and folding them.
Exhibit: Big Small Wonders
Have you ever wondered what lies in the world of the very small? View the tiniest details of various items around you, including your skin, through a hand-held microscope.
The Mind Museum will have another exhibit testing event in August with even more exhibits. For more information and to help complete the museum, please visit:
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