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12 Most Frequent House Fixing Every Mom Should Know

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Daddy’s toolbox and working table is one of my favorite home spot to create knick knacks (arts, craftingg, party giveaways) and most often to fix just about anything and bring it to life.

When the male factor is not in the house and sudden things fall out of control. We, yes WE  moms in the house can unleash the MacGyver in us, how do we do that? Just familiarize your sense and handworks from the basics. I’m pretty sure you have hammer, nails, pliers, drills, long nose, metal sheet cutter, screw drivers, etc. in your cupboards. The stuff were invented to help humans use logic and proper applications.

Here are some of my Do-It-Youself (DIY) home tips for Moms who handles house management

1. Learn how to securely locked cable wires; these materials are durable than straw strings. Cable wires are not only meant for electrical and gadget cables, I uses cable wire for my daughter’s bag tag, so no bully can ever removed those tags. 🙂

2. Invest on toggle clamp or working clamp, these tools are used to fasten things that needs to stay in place while working on another area. I use the tool when doing my screen-printing on shirts and canvass.

3. Learn the basic of drilling a hole on wood and concrete, there are different types of pins from small to large depending on the hole your working on, estimate and measure the dimension to properly choose the pin thickness.

4. Learn how to install rivets; in this case you need to apply #3 (make a hole) to insert and joined rivets. Aluminum blind rivets are the most common rivets we uses in the house.

5. Gun tacker is one item I won’t leave behind. It fastens just about anything.

6. On repainting wood works, I often used acrylic paint when designing our child’s working table, chairs even high chairs and walls. Acrylics are water based and the best way to protect the graphic works is by applying emulsions. So the next time you run a round the hardware stores, check this great guy. It’s cheap, very useful and saves your work overtime.

7. Learn the basics of fixing loose thread. Use proper drivers, screws or bolts to fasten external thread.

8. Avoid using contact cement (all purpose adhesive like rugby) once the joined material gets wet by liquid, it wears out and you’re force to re-apply the adhesive again making the material weaker and unattractive. Instead use super glue or contact adhesive such as Selley’s Kwik Grip or Bulldog and the likes. These are heat resistant and works well with porous and non-porous surfaces like vinyl, rubber, metal, leather, canvas and cork.

9. To prolong shelf life of #8 (super glue or contact adhesive) store it inside your refrigerator once open. Cold temperature will keep the moisture of the glue.
10. Keep a number of cutters with easy grip and extra blades; these guys are the most convenient way to cut/trim anything.
11. Use cutting mat, metal rulers and #10 to precisely cut paper works.

12. On furniture works, items on sale from the shopping malls are made of low-grade wood. Why not take a photo of the design or research on the Internet. Next is to commission work the design to your best carpenter in the neighborhood. Or invest on electric cutter, fine drills and sandings. You have the option on what wood material to use. Make a project using the principle of assemblage. The next time you stroll the home lifestyle section of shopping malls or turn the pages of that magazine, you’ll be damn proud of yourself. 🙂

More ways to apply your Do-It-Youself talent ala home repair ideas, stick with us on the next article. You can do it even with manicures. 🙂
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