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How to Achieve a Healthy Mind and Body
10 Tips for a Healthier YOU – A Lifestyle Check

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A quick run around health talk focusing on how to achieve a healthy mind and body for you and your family designed for busy people. Some people complain for not having enough time/opportunity to do things they wanted and matters that requires genuine time and attention. This quick fix sets priority and general knowledge to attain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Can’t schedule daily exercise regime. Quick fix: Consider walking your basic exercise. Can be done when going to work, school, or doing errands. Gear up with your sweat pants and running shoes. Hop in between brisk walking and mild jogging. You don’t need to enroll in expensive fitness membership when you can sweat-all-you-can depending on your walking phase.

2. Purchase certified yoga lectures in DVDs where you can stretch away during your free time at the comfort of your own home. Or do advanced research on the internet where you can download for free and compile the yoga series. Or find a friend who previously enrolled from advance yoga class and arrange a session for you to cope up with basic hands-on yoga.

3. Prepare meals, which contain vitamins and minerals the body needs. Ditch away fast food, instant meals, processed food, food coloring and canned goodies. Don’t short cut your family’s nutrients. A healthy meal consists of balanced diet: with protein from meats or fish, vegetables and fruits.

4. The mantra of every health buff: to drink plenty of water or liquid. Stay away from sweetened juice, pre-pack juice, canned juice, commercial juice extract. All of these that are displayed in grocery racks contain preservatives, how else can they last? Instead prepare an all-natural juice or freshly squeeze juice.

5. Those who are into thriving to achieve health goals like weight loss or controlled appetite, there are high-end formulated nutrition for a meal replacement that acts as body supplement.

6. Make your immune system and spare parts in good condition by having a daily dose of Vitamin C. In tablet/capsule form, fruits containing high percentage of Vit. C such as citrus fruits and also vegetables.

7. Balanced you intake of deep-fried cooked food. If you can’t help it used healthy cooking oil and drained it well with paper towels to absorb excess oil from the fried food.

8. Too much salted food is no good either, as well as too much sweeteners. Balanced used of salts or sugar, herbs and spices are the key to a healthy food preparation.

9. Go out once in a while (in a far away place away from stress and negative energies). Spend time away from the city. Bring your family to scenic spot, beaches, farms, nearby provinces, ancestral house, etc. Breathe fresh air and connect with nature. This relaxes, rejuvenates the mind and body from toxic and daily exhaustion.

10. Listen to music of your preferences. It soothes the soul and develops memory/intelligence and well-being. I suggest to try cool down music like classical/instrumental, jazz, acid jazz, soul R&B, trip hop, dance trance and the likes. Or find the book of entitled The Mozart Effect – Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit by Don Campbell. I read it, made observations and applied the principle to my child. It works well on my side; it may or may not work with you depending on your belief and practice.

There’s more to add from the list soon. Any healthy tips for you to share? We’d love to hear from you. 🙂, created by Green Dei (Daryll)
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