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National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) UPDATES 2013
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Thousands of Filipinos buy the idea of traditional methods when transacting with government offices. In fact, the community is so used to it that they managed to pull things off despite the difficulties like accepting to fall in line (in a irrational long lines), slow and manual service, the tropical weather of the country, the traffic, and sometimes mistreatment of government employees. The bureau showed a significant improvement on online print solutions of the clearance itself, in fact it can create prints in a few minutes. But in terms of service, the system needs to approach and educate the community how to use the online tool to simplify life in general.
Today, I visited Quezon City Hall to seek NBI renewal (I last applied 2008) not that I like to experience time and again the mentioned old ways. Given the benefit of the doubt, I arrived as early as 8AM to look for NBI satellite office (which from time to time transfers office within the Quezon City Hall) the department could be refer as NPA (No Permanent Address) sometimes in Gate 2, after a year in Gate 1,and so on. Today 2013 NBI satellite office in QC can be found in Gate 5, right at the back of Justice Hall. I melt when I saw the busy lines of applicants under the heat of the sun, just imagined it was just 8AM and people smells like they’ve started working in a construction site earlier. The stall vendors told me some even arrived as early as 3AM! Just to be able to grab the first spot, oh dear that moment I felt like I will collapse if I continue with the line brawl. I decided to go home and search once more and diligently drew my attention to NBI E-Clearance.“

Facts about NBI:

One of the mandated functions of the NBI, is to “act as national clearing house of criminal records and other information for use of all prosecuting and law enforcement entities in the Philippines, of identification records of all persons without criminal convictions. . .”
For a long time, the NBI clearance used the “paper and ink” method in the clearance application. Overtime, it shifted to the new clearance system known as the NBI Biometric Clearance System. It started on July 04, 2011 and continuously expands its operation by opening numerous satellite clearance centers nationwide.
Presently, there 63 opening clearance centers nationwide, 16 of them are from regional and 22 from district offices, 11 are from Local Government Units and the rest are located at Malls, in Robinsons, Ever Gotesco, and at Duty Free Philippines.
One unique feature in facilitating clearance application is by availing the e-clearance (electronic) system. To use this e-clearance facility, particularly the procedures posted, one may search at internet-
Since last year, 2011, the NBI clearance has now its own permanent site, the NBI Clearance building located at U.N. Avenue Ermita, Manila. It is within the Bureau’s main office premises at said place. It is open from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.
NBI E-Clearance
NBI Clearance is one of the most important documents required from each individual and business establishment. NBI clearance served as a proof that an individual has no pending criminal offenses and has no criminal records and is cleared and free from any civil cases and obligations. NBI clearance validates other government-issued IDs and documents pertaining to pre-employment, businesses, travel requirement, visa application, for employment records, in securing DFA passport and other valid government IDs.“

With the Biometric Clearance System (BCS) one can apply for NBI Clearance through Online Application System. To date, the bureau only accepts payment options through:
1. GCash – thru your Gcash account or the GCash payment center (For Gcash members, send the GCash payment to 28829175638053)
2. Pinoy Pera Padala – thru PPP payment outlets
But this is a waste of time and money if you’re not using Globe because you’re pushed to go to Globe Payment Center to pay and get Payment Reference Number. After getting the PRN, you need to find a computer connected online to enter it and other information just to receive proof of application.
After paying thru the facilities mentioned above, you may already validate your reference no. in the online application.
Only payments with the P25 convenience fee (P140.00, P190.00, P440.00) are accepted. This is the standard price of the e-clearance.
Such payments may be used for validation for anyone. Each purpose has a designated price.
 photo nbi-e-clearance-renewal-deiville-02.png
NOTE: payments in excess or shortage will NOT be accepted and are considered void and forfeited.

Online Clearance Application FAQ
The NBI online clearance application:
What are the available payment options to be able to use the Online Application System?
You need to have made a payment thru one of these:
1. GCash – thru your Gcash account or the GCash payment center (For Gcash members, send the GCash payment to 28829175638053)
2. Pinoy Pera Padala – thru PPP payment outlets (you may view the location of outlets here:
After paying thru the facilities mentioned above, you may already validate your reference no. in the online application.
Only payments with the P25 convenience fee (P140.00, P190.00, P440.00) are accepted. This is the standard price of the eclearance.
Such payments may be used for validation for anyone. Each purpose has a designated price. (you may view it here:
NOTE: payments in excess or shortage will NOT be accepted and are considered void and forfeited.
To complete this step, you have to provide:
1. A valid e-mail address (an existing e-mail address which you can access and view the inbox/spam)
2. A valid Reference Number which you received through purchasing from a chosen payment facility
Only by providing the details stated above will you be able choose the desired purpose of your clearance application and your payment validated. Click on the “Validate” button when you are done.
If you have provided valid payment details and an appropriate purpose is chosen, you will be taken to the nbi-online registration page. Please complete this form for you to have a registered account in this website.
Take note that the e-mail you provided will serve as your account username for this website.
For applicants who have entered a non-existing or cannot-be-accessed e-mail address, please view the FAQ section below.
How do I complete the REGISTRATION PAGE?
To complete this step, you have to:
1. Enter the confirmation code provided in the e-mail message we sent to the e-mail address you provided in the previous page.
2. Please fill in the appropriate fields with the valid information. You can select from the drop down boxes if these are provided.
3. If you are a female who is either married, widowed or separated, then you have to enter your husband’s surname
4. If you have an AKA with supporting documents, enter it in the field provided.
5. Click on the “Complete my Registration” button when you are already certain that you have entered the correct details completely. You won’t be able to edit the information you provided here in the succeeding steps or go back to this page after clicking the button. Important: All clearance under this account will contain the information you entered here, no other person/identity may be used under this account to get a clearance.
6. If you desire not to continue yet with the registration, you may click “Cancel”.
When you have successfully completed this page, a confirmation message appears. Click “OK” to proceed to the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE APPLICATION page.
Note: functions and performs better on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It works fine on Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) but does not work on IE8 or lower.
1. Please fill in the fields with the appropriate details. You may leave some of the fields blank (e.g. AKA) if you cannot support it with the appropriate & valid documents.
2. If you wish to change the purpose of the clearance, you may do so by clicking on the green button, labeled with the purpose you have chosen, found in the Clearance History (found above the Personal Information section). A drop-down list will appear on which you can select the purpose of your choice. Click “OK” when you have chosen the purpose, otherwise if you wish not to change it, click “CANCEL.” You may do this again and again as long as the clearance/s has/have a status: Not yet submitted.
3. Click “Update Info” to save all the details you have provided even if you have not yet filled out the form completely. This ensures information you have entered is saved to your Personal Information. You may log back in anytime to complete whatever information needs to be entered.
4. Click “Save to Clearance” once you have completed the form and verified that it is correct and true. The information you provided and the purpose you have chosen will now be written into all the clearance/s with status: Not yet submitted, this will then change the Status to “Saved”. We strongly advise you not to purchase clearance/s for future use (e.g. for next year) as this will also be included in the saving process. The “Print” button will appear next to the clearance with status: Submitted.
5. Click on the “Print” button. This will open a webpage which you must print on a white sheet of paper. An email message will also be sent containing the same information you see here. This sheet is a requirement for you to be able to queue in the online clearance lane.
6. Remember to Sign Out when you’re done. Click on “Sign Out” found at the top right area.
7. After you have printed the QR Code webpage on a white sheet of paper, schedule your appointment by sending a booking request via a text message.
When you have made another payment transaction, you may enter your details by clicking on Add New Reference No. in this page. To be able to go back to this page, log in using your username and password. We strongly advise you not to go through the registration process again as this would be tedious for you and would defeat the purpose of having the PERSONAL INFORMATION/CLEARANCE APPLICATION page.
How do I submit a BOOKING REQUEST?
NBI MAIN OFFICE U. N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila 8AM-5PM NBIMAIN
ROBINSONS LIPA Mataas na Lupa Lipa City Batangas 10AM-6PM ROBLIPA
ROBINSONS OTIS Level 2 Guanzon St Paco, Mla 10AM-7PM ROBOTIS
VICTORY MALL ALABANG 2nd Flr Alabang Muntinlupa City 10AM-7PM ALABANG
Key in:
Sample: BOOK AAAABT9 NBIMAIN 11202011 0800 Juan dela Cruz
Send to: 09175638054
[HHMM is the time you desire to go to the eClearance center of your choice (e.g. “0800” for 8AM, “1400” for 2PM)]
The Reference Number refers to the Reference Number that you received from the payment facility.
Note: All clearance center stated above is open Monday-Friday (except on holidays).
How do I know this site is secured?
Any personal information you will be entering here goes through the highest level of protection provided by the ExtendedSSL from the world-class industry leader – GlobalSign.
What do I do if I commit a mistake in entering my information?
– In the registration page:
You must purchase a new reference no. and validate it with a different e-mail address. This is considered an applicant’s error, not of the NBI Clearance personnel. The NBI is not liable for the mistake and is not obligated to correct it.
– In the personal information/clearance page:
You can edit your personal and application details as long as you have not clicked on the Save to Clearance button. But if you have already clicked on Save to Clearance and pressed “OK” in the warning dialog box, you must purchase a new reference no. and validate it under your account. A new clearance entry will be made for you to input the correct information. This is considered an applicant’s error, not of the NBI Clearance personnel. The NBI is not liable for the mistake and is not obligated to correct it.
What if I made the wrong payment?
We have been very clear in notifying you regarding the price of the eClearance, so you must comply with the instructions. Payments with the wrong amount will not be accepted or validated in The wrong payment is considered void and forfeited. You must purchase a new reference no. with the correct amount.
Why does this message keep on appearing? “Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and mobile no./date registered.”
Please email the following information to with the subject “payment validation error”:
For the Gcash transaction:
 GCash reference no.
 Date of transaction
 Amount paid
 Scanned copy of your GCash receipt
For the PPP transaction:
 PPP reference no.
 Date of Birth
 Amount paid
 Scanned copy of your PPP receipt
They will assist you w/in 24 hours.
How do I save and submit my application?
When you have not yet completely filled out your information, you may press the Update Info button. This will save what you have filled out partially and you may fill it out completely next time. Clicking on Save to Clearance confirms that you have completed all the information and will proceed to the printing of your QR Code printout. You can no longer make changes to your information after you do this.
Can I have multiple clearances in my nbi-online account?
Yes, you can have as many clearances with only your identity under your account. Please be advised that all clearance under your account can only contain one identity and cannot be used for another identity to apply for a clearance. You may enter as much reference no.’s as you want under your account.
You need to have paid via the available payment facilities before being able to add a new reference no.
I have completed my information; can I claim my clearance already?
Before going to the NBI clearance center, please print the QR code sheet by clicking the print button. The print button only appears after you have clicked on the Save to Clearance button. Upon pressing the print button, you will be transferred to the QR CODE webpage (a Print button will be provided for you to click). Please print this page to serve as your QR Code Printout.
Now that I have my QR code printout, where do I go?
Bring the QR code printout along with your valid ID (and passport/ACR if you’re a foreigner; if you have AKA, then bring supporting documents). You can book an appointment at the NBI Clearance center of your choice (Please refer to Present the QR code printout once you’ve arrived at the clearance center then proceed to the eClearance lane.
Reminders: Anyone wearing sleeveless shirt (includes sando), shorts or sandals will not be allowed to enter the NBI Clearance center.
I did not receive a BOOKING confirmation code, what should I do?
Please email the SMS booking request to (Subject should be “No response from booking request”)
Your request will be processed within 24 hours and an email reply will be sent to you with further instructions.
I did not receive a confirmation code after email validation in the website, what should I do?
Please send the following details to (Subject should be “Confirmation code not received”)
 Email address you entered
 Reference No.
 Amount Paid
Your request will be processed within 24 hours and an email reply will be sent to you with further instructions.
I have a validated payment but the email address I entered was misspelled, can I have it corrected?
Please send the following details to (Subject should be “Correction of misspelled email address”)
 Email address you entered
 Reference No.
 Amount Paid
Your request will be processed within 24 hours and an email reply will be sent to you with further instructions.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
Enter your email address in and fill in the blanks then click “Retrieve Password.” Further instructions will be sent to you on how to get your new password.
Error notifications and what these mean
1. A connection to the server could not be established (###). Please…
 There are some instances when the server does not accept the website’s request for processing. Please follow the instructions presented in the error notification. We recommend you to clear your browser cache first before entering the details and resubmitting the form or webpage.
2. If you’re viewing this page, either: 1. You have not … 2. A connection…
 There are some instances when either: the website’s connection to the main server is not possible, offline, being upgraded, or we are having our scheduled update. A link is provided so you can go back to the website’s main page, it will return to the website’s main page once the server is back online.
3. This website is currently undergoing repairs and updates. Please come back on or after…
 The website is currently being fixed and updated to provide you a better experience when it’s back online.
4. If you are viewing this message, then an error has been encountered in the registration process. Please send your citizenship, gender, date of birth, place of birth, given name, (maiden) middle name and (maiden) surname to Further instructions will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours.
 We need you to send the information by following the instructions stated in the error message. Await further instructions in your e-mail w/in 24 hours.
Where to get NBI Clearance application form?
Download the form at
You can also get an application form in one of the NBI centers or satellite offices.
 photo nbi-e-clearance-renewal-deiville-01.png
Frequently Asked Questions on NBI Clearance Processes
1) We heard there is a new system of clearance processing at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)?
– Yes, the NBI is now implementing the NBI Biometric Clearance System, which involves the scanning of the ten fingers of clearance applicant. If the previous system of taking fingerprint impressions uses ink and is messy, the new system uses fingerprint scanner and will not leave any smudge on the fingers.
2) How do we apply for NBI clearance under this new system?
– Go to the nearest NBI clearance outlet, the list of which will be enumerated below, and line up to get an application form. Answer all the required personal data on the form.
3) What are the steps and requirements in applying for the new system?
– The requirements are two (2) valid Identification Cards, such as:
a) Valid passport h) School ID
b) Voter’s ID i) TIN ID
c) Driver’s License j) Philhealth ID
d) PRC License k) Authenticated Birth Cert
e) SSS ID l) Alien Cert of Registration
f) GSIS UMID m)Senior Citizen
g) Postal ID n) Previous Copy of NBI Clr
– The steps are as follows:
a) Present the accomplished application form, together with two (2) valid ID’s, to the Data Check Counter, for checking if data are complete and correct;
b) Pay for the corresponding clearance fee at the Payment Counter;
c) The data on the application form will be encoded at the Data Entry or Encoding Counter. A PC monitor is provided for the applicants to check any encoding error, thus, avoiding repayment on their part and complaint against the encoder;
d) Picture-taking or image capture and scanning of the applicant’s fingerprints (Biometric) will follow;
e) At the Image and Biometric Counter, name of applicant is automatically searched against the Name Database to check whether one has no or with namesake;
f) NBI clearance certificate of one who has no namesake will be printed at the Printing Counter and released on the same date of application;
g) Those with namesakes are verified against the Criminal History Database to check whether one has criminal record/s;
h) Those with namesakes are advised to proceed to the Releasing Counter located at the Ground Floor of the Clearance Building, on the release date written at the back of the Official Receipt;
i) Those found to have criminal records are advised to proceed to the Quality Control for interview. Interviewers will require an applicant to execute an Affidavit of Denial if he is not the offender and Court Clearance/Order if he is the offender.
4) How much do we pay for NBI clearance application?
– Clearance fee depends on the purpose of application such as the following:
Purpose of Application Clearance Fee
ACR Requirement – Php 415
Adoption – Php 165
Bid Requirement – Php 115
Business Requirement – Php 165
Cancellation of ACR – Php 415
Change of Name – Php 165
Customs Pass ID – Php 115
DOT Requirement – Php 115
Enlistment Phil. Airforce – Php 115
Enlistment Phil. Army – Php 115
Enlistment Phil. Navy Php 115
Enlistment PNP – Php 115
ID Purposes – Php 115
Immigration Requirement – Php 115
Local Employment – Php 115
Marriage Requirement – Php 115
Naturalization – Php 415
NFA – Php 165
Other Requirement – Php 115
PNP Requirement – Php 115
POEA Requirement – Php 165
Promotion – Php 115
Repatriation – Php 415
SEC Requirement – Php 165
SSS Requirement – Php 115
Student Visa – Php 115
TBC – Php 165
TBC for RTO – Php 165
Travel Abroad – Php 115
Travel to countries like Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Taiwan, Middle East, Qatar, China, etc cost – Php 115
Visa to countries also cost – Php 115
5) Where can we apply for NBI clearance in Metro Manila and any part of the country?
NBI Clearance Outlet Address
a) NBI Clearance Center U. N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila
b) Quezon City Hall Makatarungan St. Diliman QC
c) Muntinlupa City Victory Shopping Center, Alabang
d) Mandaluyong City Hall Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City
e) SM SouthMall Alabang Zapote Rd, Las Pinas
f) Robinson’s Place Basement I Ermita, Manila
g) Robinson’s Otis Level 2 Guanzon St Paco, Mla
h) Robinson’s Galleria Basement I Ortigas Ave QC
i) Robinson’s Metro East Level 4 Marcos Hi-way Pasig
j) Robinson’s Cainta Level 2 Junction Cainta, Rizal
k) Robinson’s Novaliches Novaliches QC
l) Ever Gotesco Recto 3rd Flr Cinema 3 Recto Ave, Mla
m) Ever Commonwealth 2nd Flr Cinema I Comm., QC
n) Duty Free Fiesta Mall N Aquino Ave Paranaque City
Outside Metro Manila (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)
a) Marilao Municipal Hall Beside PNP Stn Marilao, Bulacan
b) Lipa City Hall Lipa City, Batangas
c) Rodriguez Mun Hall Rodriguez, Rizal
d) Calamba Mun Hall Calamba, Laguna
e) Robinson’s Tarlac Hacienda Luisita
f) Robinson’s Dasmarinas Dasmarinas, Cavite
g) Robinson’s Imus Imus, Cavite
h) Robinson’s Sta Rosa Sta Rosa, Laguna
i) CyberGate Cebu City
j) Tuburan Satellite Office Tuburan, Cebu
k) Tagbilaran Bohol Tagbilaran, Bohol
l) Bien Unido Bohol
NBI Regional and District Offices
1) Cordillera Administrative Region Baguio City
Region I
2) Ilocos Regional Office San Fernando, La Union
3) Dagupan District Office Dagupan City
4) Laoag District Office Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
5) Vigan District Office Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Region II
6) Cagayan Valley Reg Office Tuguegarao, Cagayan
7) Bayombong District Office Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
8) Isabela District Office Ilagan, Isabela
Region III
9) Central Luzon Reg Office San Fernando, Pampanga
10) Bulacan District Office Malolos City, Bulacan
11) Cabanatuan District Office Cabanatuan City, N Ecija
12) Olongapo District Office Olongapo City, Zambales
13) Tarlac District Office Tarlac City, Tarlac
Region IV-A
14) CaLaBaRZon Batangas City, Batangas
15) Cavite District Office Tagaytay City, Cavite
16) Lucena District Office Lucena City, Quezon
17) Laguna District Office Sta Rosa, Laguna
Region IV-B
18) MiMaRoPa Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
19) Puerto Princesa District Off Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Region V
20) Bicol Regional Office Naga City, Camarines Sur
21) Legaspi District Office Legaspi City, Albay
Region VI
22) Western Visayas Reg Office Iloilo City, Iloilo
23) Bacolod District Office Bacolod City, Negros Occ
Region VII
24) Central Visayas Reg. Office Cebu City, Cebu
25) Dumaguete District Office Dumaguete City, Negros Or
Region VIII
26) Eastern Visayas Reg Office Tacloban City, Leyte
27) Samar District Office Catbalogan City, Samar
Region IX
28) Western Mindanao Reg Off Zamboanga City
29) Dipolog District Office Dipolog City
30) Pagadian District Office Pagadian City
Region X
31) Northeastern Mindanao Cagayan de Oro City
Regional Office
32) Iligan District Office Iligan City
Region XI
33) Southeastern Mindanao Davao City
Regional Office
34) Tagum District Office Tagum City
Region XII
35) Central Mindanao Koronadal City
Regional Office
36) Saranggani District Office General Santos City
Region XIII
37) CARAGA Butuan City
Region XIV
38) ARMM Cotabato City
6) How do persons living abroad apply for NBI Clearance?
– Secure NBI clearance application form from the Philippine
Embassy/Consulate in the country where applicant resides,else, ask a relative in the Philippines to send application form,
which can be secured from the Office of the Identification and Records Division (IRD), 4th Floor, NBI Clearance Building, UN Ave., Manila.
Accomplish the form and ask for assistance in taking your fingerprint impressions (rolled) and have it signed by the one
who assisted in the fingerprinting. Attach one (1) 2×2 picture in white background, photocopy of passport, photocopy of Identification Card/s and authorization letter if a relative in the Philippines will submit the application in your behalf. This relative will also be in-charge of sending you your NBI clearance certificate.
If you are sending the application to the Philippines thru mail or forwarders, address same to Ms. Julie Macalit, Mailed Clearance Section, 2nd Floor NBI Clearance Building, U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila. If you will send a check, it should be payable to the NBI Director in Philippine currency in the amount of two hundred pesos (P200.00) with drawee bank in the Philippines. If you will send cash, dollars are acceptable, the amount of which, is equivalent to two hundred pesos (P200.00). Your NBI clearance certificate will be mailed to you thru air mail.
7) How about foreign nationals who need NBI clearance?
– Fill-out the NBI application form for foreigners (red Fingerprint Chart). You will also be required to fill-out the application form for the Biometric Clearance System. Indicate on the application form your name that is reflected on your passport. Attach photocopy of your passport and Alien certificate of registration (ACR).
– Go through the steps of clearance processing, after which, submit application to the Alien Counter, where you will be fingerprinted for rolled impression.
– You will be advised when to claim for your NBI Clearance Certificate.
8) For more information and clarification, where and how do we contact the NBI?
– You can reach at Telephone number 5261294 or at Trunkline 5238231 Local 5523, 5499 and 5502;
– Email us at;
– You can text your questions regarding online application and GCash Payment at 0917-5638052.
deiville/com’s Inquiries on NBI E-Clearance
I send an SMS to 0917-5638052
“How do I apply for online NBI clearance? Mine is for renewal (last applied 2008), Thank you.”
NBI replied with auto-messages:
“NBI Helpdesk: Online Application Procedure are as follows:
1. Pay through your GCASH Account. If you don’t have gcash account, you can pay through Cash-in Cash-out Centers of globe. Just give them the NBI gcash number 0917-5638053.
2. Visit nbi-online* for the online application. Please be reminded that if you pay on GCash Centers, you should fill in the Date Registered Field which is the date that is indicated on your receipt. Disregard the Mobile Number Field.
3. Book via SMS.
4. Go to your booking schedule for the fingerprints, picture taking and printing of clearance and receipt. Your online application will take about 20-30 minutes of entering your date.”
I will update this post as soon as I have my NBI renewed or issued.

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  1. Emile G. Ballard

    Whenever I think of application for government-issued forms, clearances, IDs, etc., the first thing that comes into mind is the loooooong line in the government agency. It may take you the whole day to finish processing your application, or worse you have to come back the next day to finish the process. This is not the case with the NBI clearance, or at least in my case.

  2. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) introduced recently their online application for clearances to address the hassle of long lines and queues at the NBI clearance centers. The project is called e-Clearance (electronic Clearance) where citizens can apply for one through the Internet.

    1. Yes I actually applied for it the minute I got home, the following day I have my e-clearance (my blog post for this one is written in draft). Thanks for the drop.

  3. NBI Clearance can be easily done online and skip a few steps of the manual old way. It also eliminates the manual filling out of application forms since it can be done online. No more long queue lines. No more wasted time waiting for your turn. NBI clearance online application eliminates 3 steps of the process namely: Data Verification, Payment to the Cashier and Filling out the Application Form!

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