Parenting: School Clubs and Elective Subject for Children

School Clubs and Elective Subject for Young Children
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Now that school season has begun (in the Philippines), aside from academic subjects students has to deal with extra curricular activities to expose themselves and unleashed their innermost interest and talent. Being a parent of a 6 years old, I support my grade schooler by guiding her to every decision she made. It’s not high school where they can enter any club or choose electives out of predicament or by influence from a group of friends.

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Parenting: School Clubs and Elective Subject for Children

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For young children joining school clubs or electives is a way to learn the basic skills by niche and socialize with peers.

How to choose elective subject for your child

  1. Ask the child’s top 3 interest, if there are 10 elective subjects to choose from let them prioritize the top 3 choices.
  2. Encourage child to re-think (analyze) about the talent they possessed. Sometimes children get too excited that they all want to do things at the same time.
  3. As a parent, you knew well your child’s potential. Make them understand the situation by comparing the talents vs. interest.
  4. Children like fun activities, remind them that all the options given will ensure a fun-filled experience.
  5. Different strokes for different folks. Parents gets overly hype that they want the child to enroll in almost given activities.
  6. Inspire your child to have a liking for musical instruments, dance or performing arts. Music in any form heals and enhance intelligence.
  7. Energize your child to join an athletic-related past time. Sports promotes good health, competitiveness and camaraderie. There’s even yoga for kids for those who are not fit to extreme sports
  8. Motivate your child to express itself through cognitive writing by writing short stories and poems, they might be our future authors.
  9. If a child enjoys cooking games over apps, why not enroll her to culinary class for kids.
  10. Ecology electives is now taught for young children, very timely to educate them about the proper ways to protect mother Earth.
  11. From among the 5 categories  above (and other options not mention), your child will have the probability to excel on 3 to 5 field of interest. The most recommendable action to make is to let the child expose to different field on a given period of time. Say this school year the child chooses Dance Club. Then on summer, enroll her to 2 to 3 summer activities like swimming, violin lesson or swimming lesson. The next school year, join the Glee club or Arts and Crafts, etc. In that way, the child maximizes time and enjoys their childhood.

Did your child asked about  your opinion(s) as to what school club suits them best? Share it over, we love to hear from you parents. 🙂, created by Green Dei (Daryll)
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