WordCamp Philippines 2012: WordPress Campers

WordCamp Philippines 2012
A First time camper

The fourth WordCamp Philippines 2012 held last October 27, 2012 (Saturday) at Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati City. My camper buddies: Teacher Ia (of www.specialeducationphilippines.com) and Alwin (of http://thecityroamer.com/) were among the first time campers able to attend the 8 to 5 WordPress collision =)


Why WordCamp?
WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.” as described by the organizers of WCPH2012.

The group indeed captured the essence of converging the Filipino WordPress community by tapping extremely impressive speakers (local and foreign) that has been successful with the innovation brought by the WordPress platform and the underlying principle they stand for.

WordCamp Philippines 2012 amazed the campers with a their on-hooked topics, scheduling, great venue, personalized WordCamp swags, foodies, sponsors, and dynamic volunteers.

WordCamp Philippine 2012 Round-up
Keynote by Manuel L. Quezon III: Discussion run through the existing and very much updated selected government websites, how the state able to update a “jurassic”-style websites before when no one dares to touch and get in-charge with it. Manolo and his group hopes (in the future) that when the management/system re-shuffles at any given day – the government websites will remain manned, interactive, and gives a meaningful content, drive and traffic to serve its purpose on this era of information.

The keynote cited government related concerns:
the official gazette
corp identity
government portals
the clean shots of using and publishing from WordPress
the accepted standard look of a page and writing content
government websites for the community to serve as a reference for discussions and database of information

Track 1 Talk by Jayvee Fernandez: “Your Personal Brand”
Branding connotes marketing and how to simply advertise yourself and make a brand name for your identity and individuality. The tech blogger and underwater photography hobbyist highlighted some points how he got himself stood out among hundred thousand bloggers/website owners globally.
#1 “Clearly define who you are and what you stand for.” (About potential reach and keeping your sanity).
#2 “Walk the talk online and offline.”
#3 “Take a stand.” (PR companies sends out kits or trimedia-published information to bloggers/users, because one thing — they want to expand commentaries, further discussions since blogs are supposed to be personalized approach and highly opinionated. A blogger should should avoid copy/paste articles just by posting the same material published by media companies/newspaper groups, instead make a stand on certain issues.)
#4 “Be a community person. Demonstrate how well you know your audience.”
#5 “Expand. Be amazing and love what you do. Constantly improve.” (Bloggers do tend to become burn-out once in a while, it is best to broaden out our capabilities and try new things in life. As a person we evolve through experience and by looking for things that will makes us happy and be contented.)

Also inside the Indonesia case room, Jayvee shared us how and why we need to make a media kit, this is self-explanatory. Brand yourself in a way how the public will pursue you.

Track 2 Talk by Philip Arthur Moore: Building a WordPress Theme with _s
Moore’s talk guided the participant of the different approaches of using themes and how to make one from scratch. I took up this track to enhance or at least justify my need on how to control my WorPress themes, although I am not a coder, I have now the slightest idea how to connect my blogs from my themes. I will try underscores on an under time basis.

Kimanzi Constable
Talk: The Power of Your Story Through WordPress
Constable shared his struggles, grape vines and secret ingredient on how to become a successful (with his online pursuits) with your endeavors. His talk is worth emulating, the audience had a great time connecting and making it a sure-proof strategy.

Danilo Arao
Talk: Blogging Ethics and Standards
Prof. Danny Arao’s commentary on the present day blogging and social media hyped on “cybercrime bill, plagiarism, cyber bully, the work ethics of media journalism, the importance of blogging community” is very subjective, truth finding and hilarious! =)

More from WCPH2012
My camper buddies joined the Greenwich pizza eating contest, Team No Breakfast versus Team Hungry Campers feast on a box of pizza! Here’s a video link and see for yourself why the Hungry Campers won! =)

More photos from WordCamp Philippines 2012 via deiville’s facebook page
Photobucket Media http://s994.beta.photobucket.com/user/daryll_dial/library/deiville?

Congrats to WordCamp Philippines 2012 for this successful event, I hope to be there next year! Awesome Filipino WordPress Community, by the way here’s my WordCamp Profile .

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