Galileo Singapore Math: Unlocking the Secrets – A Bloggers’ Sessions

A Dash of Introductory and Additional Information About Galileo Singapore Math
Galileo 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival
Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, Quezon City

February 9, 2013. I heard about Galileo Singapore Math from Blogapalooza One event last September 2011. A Galileo representative briefly demonstrates (in five minutes) the simple logic of problem-solving, Math that was, in time for Galileo 1st Singapore Math Learning Festival.

Unlocking the secrets of Galileo Singapore Math was a breather for parents like us, the room started with math-invibe prayers. Ma. Rowena J. Matti (CEO of Galileo) explains that “…the idea of Galileo was born out of the intention to uplift the education industry. We saw that the model for learning was evolving with the time. We saw the growing rate in tutorial services prompted by fast-paced schools trying to cope with the demands to produce competent and competitive members of society. However not all children march at the same pace. There are those who learn differently and others who are not suited for big classroom environments.
Ms. Rowena J. Matti

During the sessions,Teacher Beth (Maribeth R. Lamis – Operations Head for Galileo Enrichment Program, Inc.) allows us to interact with fellow parents/bloggers to rediscover math learnings and particularly learn about the basics of Singapore Math approach: from summing up integers using positive and negative board numbers to problem-solving solutions for sum differences, ratios, fractions. After each activity, Teacher Beth was able to represents both logic of solving between that from Singapore Math’s model drawing versus the traditional computing using Algebraic system. We often say, you do the math and decide for yourself if your children deserves a Singapore Math approach.
Teacher Beth Lamis

The Singapore Math method differentiate itself by integrating the system they referred as THE C-P-A Approach:

  • Concrete – manipulatives
  • Pictorials – visual models and drawings
  • Abstract – written number and symbols

Overall, Galileo Singapore Math follows the golden rule of topic mastery to achieve a lifelong learning. With the utilization of audio-visual materials, children were able to engage multiple intelligences by stimulating the kids overall aptitude for learning. With Galileo Singapore Math the kids will not get bored, gets too serious or be the nerdy type, because the company instill the value of “Learning can be fun“.

Know more about Galileo Singapore Math
Galileo Singapore Math is scheduled to have its Galileo 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival early next year on February 9, 2013 at Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, Quezon City. Time: 8:00am to 5:30pm

The math festival from Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is highly recommended for parents and educators to bring fresh ideas and exciting innovations that can be adopt to classrooms and parent-child tutorial sessions.

More about Galileo 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival – Press Release

The conference will focus on how Singapore Math can complement and provide supplementary learning to the implementation of the K-12 program, a new development of the Department of Education.

The K-12 program is an initiative to give students opportunities to master essential skills and competencies by stretching and extending their learning years to the 12th grade. It focuses on depth rather than on breadth, giving them more time to realize the importance of each concept and connect it to more complex and higher learning.

In this age of global competitiveness, parents are looking for schools that would unlock the potential of each child in the core subjects, one of which is Mathematics. Schools are now adopting Singapore Math into their Math curriculum and instruction, which has paved the way in creating excellent critical thinkers and better Math students.

Parents, teachers and school administrators might ask, “What is Singapore Math and how does it fit into the K-12 curriculum?”

Singapore Math focuses on developing critical thinking through mastery of foundational skills. It teaches students a systematic way of learning seemingly difficult math concepts through child-friendly terms and relatable experiences. This complements the K-12 curriculum, as it strengthens key concepts and provides opportunities to apply it in daily activities as well as in other subjects.

There will be concurrent learning sessions that will tackle topics such as the basics of Singapore Math, how Singapore Math can be applied in various activities inside and outside the classroom, manipulatives and materials to enhance a child’s learning capabilities, innovative activities in teaching geometry and fractions, and how Singapore Math helps students transition from basic to Algebraic concepts.

The conference will also feature a plenary lecture by Dr. Queena Lee-Chua – Math professor and multi-awarded educator – and her son Scott Chua, a multi-awarded student and a Carlos Palanca Awardee for Literature.

I remember last year when I saw the name of Scott Chua doing Math presentations from the 1st Math Festival, I told about it to my sister whom Scott was her former student from her summer painting class way back when Scott was still a li’l boy. =) That’s every parents ambition (maybe, or maybe not?) to have a math wizard kid!

For more inquiries on the conference, contact the head office at (632)845-1234 or send an email to

How to reserve seats:

  1. Download Registration Form from or call (632)845-1234 to get a copy.
  2. Submit the accomplished Registration Form, copy of School ID and current school registration (if student) to or fax to (632)845-1234.
  3. Deposit payment to BPI bank account, details are as follows:

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) – San Lorenzo, Makati Brancj
Account Name: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program Inc.
Current Account No.: 1811-0001-12

5. To confirm your reservation, fax validated bank deposit slip together with accomplished registration form to (632)845-1234       or email

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc.
Galileo Singapore Math Bloggers
Image Source: Ruth Floresca (Mommy Writes)

More photos from Unlocking the Secrets to Singapore Math – Bloggers’ Event, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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