World Fair Trade Organization-Asia: I’m a 100% Guilt Free Shopper

How could someone be indeed guilt-free when it comes to shopping? 

I personally support and recommend a particular cause specifically with regards to environment, human rights and encourage sustainability & capacity building. We’re in a world where everyone is driving crazy on how could we share a little help to improve mother Earth’s condition as well as with its people. 
100% guilt free shopper is a celebration of the World Fair Trade Day & World Fair Trade Organization-Asia’s [WFTO-Asia] regional consumer campaign launch  – “Shopping with a Conscience”. Held recently in Shangri La Plaza Mall Atrium. It showcased a photo exhibit of 100% Guilt Free Shopping Ambassadors, a mini-expo of certified Fair Trade products from all over Asia. There were also booths where people can sign-up to become a volunteer and/or sponsor. 
Well-known personalities like Emma Watson, Sir Paul McCartney & Annie Lennox have been active supporters of Fair Trade. Emma Watson particularly has made partnership with WFTO member organization – People Tree to release a fair trade clothing line in the U.K.
Here in the Philippines as part of the 100% Guilt Free Shopper campaign, WFTO-Asia has introduced 12 personalities to be the Ambassadors of Fair Trade. 
These individuals came from different field & industries: 
#1 Jim Paredes > Musician, EDSA People Power icon
#2 Patty Laurel > Model/Host, Preschool Teacher
#3 Sanya Smith & Quennie Smith > Model/Singer
#4 Alyanna Martinez > Fashion Stylist
#5 Rosanna Aranaz > Fashion Blogger 
#6 Joaquin Valdez > Filmmaker
#7 Lawrence Antaran > Graphic Artist & Illustrator
#8 Yeb Sano & Desiree Llanos Dee > Philippine Climate Change
#9 Fran Tobia > DJ for RX93.1
#10 Cathy Untalan > Miss Earth Foundation Exec. Director,Beauty Queen
#11 Rick Manzano > Blogger
#12 Jeremy Callegher & Shun Sasaki > Fair Trade volunteers from 
 France & Japan




The campaign aims to inform everyone, mostly the consumers, what Fair Trade is and the 10 Principles it represents. It aims to empower the consumers that by SWITCHING to Fair Trade by either buying [certified Fair Trade products and/or the organization’s advocacy merchandise] or supporting [Sponsorship/Donation/Fundraise, becoming a volunteer intern and/or participating int the organization’s events], they have the power to beat poverty, beat climate change, beat discrimination, beat exploitation & beat ignorance.
Patty Laurel
…is a shopper against child & forced labor
Cathy Untalan
…is a shopper against ignorance
Rick Manzano
…is a shopper against unsafe working conditions
Quoted by Toni Zuniga [Business Dev’t & Brand Officer of WFTO-Asia]:
“The campaign targets 1,000,000 switchers by the end of the year. 1,000,000 people in Asia who realized that thoughtless buying isn’t enough. 1,000,000 people believes that they can use the power of their purchase to change the lives of millions of disadvantaged communities all over the world. Fair Trade is a such a worthy advocacy & movement. It’s really big in countries like U.K. & the U.S. It’s about time that Asia knows about it & unite for change which is not easy because of relatively low awareness of the Asian consumers about Fair Trade.”
The idea behind this campaign is that anybody can be a Guilt Free Shopping Ambassador. You don’t need to be a celebrity or spontaneously be a 100% Fair Trade practioner. Get vital information about Fair Trade and decide to become switchers and/or Ambassadors for Fair Trade. 
Sign-up & be a WFTO volunteer or sponsor:


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