World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO – ASIA): Run and Shop for Fair Trade

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Fun Run for Health, Earth and Wealth
Run and Shop for Fair Trade

Earth-Friendly Living Series
Organized by:

World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO – ASIA)
Community Crafts Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CCAP Fair Trade and Development, Inc.)

World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO – ASIA), together with Community Crafts Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CCAP Fair Trade and Development, Inc.), is having a Fun Run and a two-day Bazaar at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on June 1 and 2. These events are in accordance with the World Fair Trade Day and the 40 advocacy and of promoting the awareness on the Fair Trade principles and practices. The Fun Run, “Fun Run for Health, Earth and Wealth” is open to the public.

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World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO – ASIA): Run and Shop for Fair Trade

Fun run fees:
PhP 300/head for 3K; and
PhP 500/head for 6K.

Meanwhile, for students, Friends of Fair Trade, producers and beneficiaries, a fee of PhP175/head will be charged. For every group registration composed of 10, there will be one free fee.

The Fun Run will be followed by the “Run and Shop for Fair Trade” Bazaar on Quezon Memorial Circle People’s Hall. The bazaar will be held for 2 days (June 1-2) from 9am to 7pm. This particular activity aims to continue the advocacy’s on promoting Fair Trade and Social Entrepreneurship (SE) in the country. Fair trade and Social Enterprise products will be showcased in the bazaar for them to gain public exposure. The activity also aims to serve as a venue in establishing new networks and connections in bringing in a wide array of potential buyers and merchandisers ranging from textile, food stuff, skincare, artworks or even specialized household/manufacturing items such as stainless steel braided hose. Where buyer can be guided with the principles of fair trading.

In general, the event will feature updates and information on the different Fair Trade organizations and Social Enterprises in the Philippines and in Asia.

More update after the event proper.

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