19th toycon ph 2022

TOYCON PH are they worth the hype?

19th Phil ToyCon 2022

Mandaluyong City, July 2022. After two years of absence, Toycon PH is back and they did actually return home. As most of the conventions in the 2000’s originally started in Mega Trade Halls before SMX were not in the zone yet. As a comeback after the turmoil of the pandemic, the organizers played safe and chose the smaller MegaTrade Halls, which is a good thing for all the vendors and logistics, as well as to the Toycon followers. Well, for one thing, the proximity is in the center of EDSA, not unlike SMX Convention at the end point of EDSA. These days we don’t take for granted the gas price and the tremendous traffic, “every walk” is carefully planned.

Apart from the glitz and fun of reviving the toy community gatherings and the merchandise per se. Do not forget that we are still in the pandemic days. Since the place is too small for such an enthusiastic crowd, as a parent myself, please refrain from tagging young kids, who are vulnerable to getting sick. If you have a weak body, honestly, ordinary face masks will not protect us. We should have prepped our bodies (health) to resist any contagious diseases. COVID-19 is now the ordinary flu, protecting ourselves and our family members at all times. It’ll be the normal thing when going out. As we were saying, the place is jam-packed, likewise the ventilation as we breathe the same air. But, we wanted to go out and give Toycon another try. The last time we visited Toycon was in 2018. At Toycon 2022, we’ve seen a surge in toy merchandise, the effect of ongoing inflation and vendors scaling up collectibles retails.

What’s new this 2022?

TOYCON PH: The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention


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TOYCON PH are they worth the hype?

This year, major sponsor Lazada did a live auction and online selling seminars and the timely and interesting NFT workshop.

Toycon Creator’s Alley is the area for Filipino toy creators co-organized by the Bulletpunk Network. The Collectors Gallery with Philippine Toy Groups Association holds a massive display of rare collectibles, all encased for everyone’s appreciation. An array of activities in relation to cosplay competitions and contests are arranged by and for the community and for expectators to enjoy. The much-awaited Toycon Cosplay K.O.Competition held on the third and last day and the World Cosplay Summit for NCR qualifiers. Other activities included are the Customized Action Figure Contest, Toyclicks Photography Contest, Art Toy Design Contest, Customized Mecha Figure, Doll Dress-up Contest, and Cosplay Click Photography Contest.

Filipino collectors fond for Voltes V are here to stay. That’s why Voltes V has become the iconic figure Toycon PH is associated with. It has a featured corner in the vicinity. Plus they invited the Voltes V Legacy cast. Aside from the Voltes V mega display from toy collectors, there were merchandise items all over the halls.

Toy Talks featured Mr. Glenmarc Antonio known as The Flash Antonio/Justice PH, PTGA Panel Talk, Myx Docu Viewing by Mr. Anthony Francisco, and the Bully Boy Collectibles segment. Tumindig aka Tarantadong Kalbo is also there at Booth 18. We’ve seen familiar names from art scene who are now into toy fabrication. View our images at Deiville Facebook page.

Great Deals at TOYCON PH

sailormon collector at the toycon ph 2022
Sailormon collector at the TOYCON PH 2022

Are they really worth the hype? For collectors like us, we can only have what we can afford and it’s a way of a reward to ourselves that brings joy and a certain memory with having that toy. Because these toys are for all ages.

My companion this year has her mind with specific items concerning Megumi and Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen), Genshin Impact, and Sailormoon merch. We attended the recent Ozine Fest, and there were only a few retail shops inside, not unlike Toycon. That’s why she came prepared for this LOL! At least we’ve found some shops with good deals having Sailormoon, Doraemon, and Tokidoki goodies. Shout out to Motsu and the gashapon vendor for the “halukay” toy experience. We get to meet the guys from Sailormoon Collectors Philippines; he’s handing over a Philippine-inspired Sailormoon card to Sailomoon geeks. Their display is at the Collectors Gallery beside the Dragon Ball standee, which they also own.  The best thing we do at Toycon, honestly, is to look for retail shops who have a variety of displays and randomly boxed them for you to rummage on. These are affordably priced, but in most cases they are brand new and authentic. Like lab rats when it comes to gashapons, so expect our hauls made of collectible trinkets. We looked for airplane figures too to add up to our best buys. My daughter is considering NBA cards? Why not? Maybe soon though. As of the moment she has the kiddie stuff: Sailormoon cards and Pokemon cards, which she played actual “trading” with friends before. We end up shopping for school necessities that she had been longing to buy ever since the pandemic struck. Come to think of it, a face-to-face class is coming this November. So that ends the return to hobby conventions. Next year 20th TOYCON PH is scheduled for the SMX Convention around July 2023.  Watch out for Toycon PH 15th Christmas ToyFair 2022 on December 16 to 18, at the SM Megatrade Halls.

Thank you Mr. Azrael Colladilla and TOYCON PH. 

Sa ngalan ng buwan,” Do geek out safely!


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