Takeaways from DTI Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

An essential guide to eCommerce for young entrepreneurs

Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) NCR 2020

Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) was conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry – National Capital Regional Office (DTI-NCRO). YEP was launched last year, 2019. In response to the global pandemic, DTI-NCRO offered the program through a series of webinars on Zoom platform. Wave 1 was concluded from October 6-10, 2020.

Takeaways from DTI Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

Building your Online Presence: What does it take to stand out? by Atty. Yves Gonzalez of Google Philippines

How Google can help?
– research on keyword, query, and search term
– paid search result and search engine marketing (SEM)
– organic search result and search engine optimization (SEO)

– brand or store visibility on google maps and google search
– create your brand on Google My Business (GMB)
– customer engagement thru Business Profile that shows who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer on google maps and google search on phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet.

Download and install the Google My Business app
Go to your Google play or App Store, search for Google My Business or you can also access GMB on www.business.google.com

– verify your business profile from the postcard sent by GMB. When it arrives sign in and click the “Verify now” button. Enter the verification code and click “Submit.” You can also get a GMB verification PIN from the DTI at http://ecommerce.dti.gov.ph/reboot-package/googlemybusiness/

Online Shopping Craze: Platforms and Opportunities by Mr. Petrus Carbonell of Lazada Philippines
– start your business online
– local challenges: payment > logistics > quality
– going online is for MSMEs to go national and grow their business


Greening the Enterprise by Mr. Dennis A. Orlina of ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA)
business is at the forefront of delivering economically and environmentally viable: products, processes, technologies, services, and solutions
– better lives through better business; from an economy of goods to an economy for good
– zero waste management strategy

Stages in Plastic Recycling

Takeaways from DTI Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)


Green Thumb: Sustainability over Profitability by Antoinette Taus of Cora Cares

How can we be more sustainable?
– consume less
– waste less
– fair trade
– care more
– ask more questions

Takeaways from DTI Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

Think local, act local
People. Create, build, and protect inclusive opportunities that will educate, empower, and encourage a stable, independent and sustainable future for partner communities across the Philippines.

Planet. Promote sustainable products and biodiversity friendly enterprises that help close the loop on plastic pollution and fight climate change, while strengthening circular economies that foster local communities to become less dependent on single-use plastics.

Partnerships. Establish key partnerships between local producers in collaboration with global brands; expanding opportunities for locally made and earth-friendly products; empowering indigenous people and marginalized communities; while enhancing the sustainability of livelihood programs.


Business Internetwork: Cultivating the Online Community by Mrs. Jenny Wieneke of Tokyo Tempura
– community is now define as a group of people having a particular characteristics in common; sharing interests and attitudes ONLINE.
– online communities are on the rise
– fills the void for self-expression and belonging
– there’s wisdom in crowds
– anonymity fuels authenticity
– brands can be part of the community but should act as real people

Online community sites have emerged as the the go-to platforms for the increasing amount of user0generated content posted online.

People are starting to move away from being ME-CENTRIC (social sharing) to becoming WE-CENTRIC (online conversations).

People are moving away from their “broadcasted selves”
Social sharing is declining (% of global internet users who report “sharing the details of what I’m doing in my daily life” as a reason why they use social media

2014 – 27%
2019 – 20%

What drives people to Online Communities?
Online communities make them feel united in the fractured world of social media, competing interests, and dynamic change.

People see shared experiences as a powerful source of connection

Consumers trust the recommendations of people they are familiar with, like friends and family, or those they have a genuine bond with, such as like-minded people on online community sites, more than social media related recommendations.

People are inclined to share things they wouldn’t normally when they’re anonymous.

They are more honest online when they can be anonymous, and are inclined to post positive/inspirational things when anonymous.

55% don mind being anonymous
40% believe its good

Users not judged based on their profile picture or how many friends they have. Anonymity removes much of the pressures of perception that come with conventional social media

How does this impact the consumer behavior?
Takeaways from DTI Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

Learning from lockdown (entrepreneurs perspectives)
– viber communities emerged
– facebook selling group multiplied

Benefits of Online Communities for Business
– networking
– publishing promotional content
– research

Actions (points to consider)
You need to know your target market. You can’t be posting about parenting tips on a Community of gamers
Create affinity. Just like what famous and long-standing brands do. Touch your audience’s heart. Create a connection.
Listen, or read in this case. Pay attention to feedback. This Where are you? you know where to go from where you already are.


Going Global: Tapping the International Market by Ms. Agnes Legaspi of DTI Export marketing Bureau (EMB)

Philippine Export Products (data from Philippine Statistics Authority)
– electronics (assembly)
– design-driven products
– bags and travel goods
– garments
– emerging products: personal care products and health and wellness
products (locally made)
-c oconut products (major export)
– fresh processed food
– wines and spirits (indigenous products
– organic products
– emerging products: halal certified products and kosher products

Philippine Export Services (data from Bangko Central ng Pilipinas)
– tourism
– education services
– IT-enabled services (BPO, Voice/Non-Voice)
– creative processes
– franchising

On tariff
What is FTA? Agreement between two or more countries to eliminate or reduce tariffs and other requirements of commerce that restrict trade between them.

Reasons for Philippine Participation in FTAs
– maintain competitiveness
– promote cross-border complementation
– sustain inflow of investments
– for the benefit of consumers

Takeaways from DTI Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

Global Consumer Trends
– digital transformation
– content creation
– consumer and changing payment methods
– healthcare innovations (tele-medicine)
– value and premiumization in a post COVID-19 world

New Innovation-centric Bills
Philippine Innovation Act (PIA) RA No. 11293
– enabling the growth of startups
– mandates the enforcement of Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IP Code)

Philippine Startup Ecosystem
– startups
– educational institutions
– angel investors
– co-working spaces
– incubators/accelerators
– venture capitalists
– government

The true definition of competitiveness: The ability to export more in value added terms than it imports when including for “terms trade” to reflect all government “discounts” and import barriers.


The webinar series can be access on DTI youtube channel.



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