Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

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Blogapalooza One: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

Introduces Singapore Math to Bloggers

With features on Diliman Preparatory School, Quezon City as a school-based center of Galileo.

Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 1
Galileo Center
 Diliman Preparatory School
What is Galileo Enrichment?
– a math and english after school program for improvement/enhancing the quality and value of a  child’s intellect.
“The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is a meaningful, exciting, and fun enrichment program for children ages 3 to 12.” The objective of the program is to offers an alternative learning experience for children, with a creative approach.
The program employs the Telescopic Method, which brings out the individual and unique potential of each child.” It fine-tunes the skills according to a child’s abilities.The center utilizes various techniques that enhance learner’s auditory, kinesthetic, visual and critical thinking skills. Galileo employs 5 strategies to concretize  learning, tailored to a child’s needs.
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 2
Got hold of a 2-Week Scholarship for Math or English program from the Blogapalooza last September 2011. I was particularly interested with the presentor’s 5-minute introductory. A brief case study – comparison between traditional mathematics and Singapore math. Sometime 2009, I already made inquiries from Kumon for my kid [3 years old then] and was advised to think about it, or better yet I may get back to them when she was already enrolled academically as a back-up system for her analytical and critical thinking. We’re not putting aside Kumon though we are open for other alternative centers to give it a try.
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 3
Galileo Centers could either be school-based or stand-alone centers. A friend of ours, we were told that Galileo is co-owned by Sacred Heart School, thus most of it centers can be found in SHS. The nearest location I conveniently visited to made inquiries was in Diliman Preparatory School in Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. I went through the school’s Executive Office, I spoke to a lady staff and unknowingly the Facilitator or any other Galileo representative wasn’t around on a Monday morning. I got hold of the center’s schedules thru my own effort, and went through their assigned Galileo single-classroom and shoot photos discreetly and jot down notes from outside the main door.

Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 4
Galileo classroom in Diliman Preparatory School

Galileo Center Schedules:

  • Tuesday and Thursday – 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
  • Saturday – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Diliman Preparatory School offered it twice a week and an adjusted time on weekend. Felt a little hopeless to use the free-2 weeks , first point was my child’s school schedule on ELC [Early Literacy Clinic] was from 10-12 slot. Second point was, on saturdays we could just not wake her up, a child needs 12 hours sleep, it’s her re-charging period to cope up with the lost sleeping time from the early mornings of school days. We’ll give it a second thought when we have the extra time.
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 5Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 6
What I like with Diliman Preparatory School was the outdoor playground for toddlers and the wooden benches for waiting parents and guardians were so cool I wanted to bring it home. 🙂
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 7
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 8
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 9
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 10
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Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 11
Galileo Enrichment Learning Program
3/Flr Goodwill Corporate Center
393 Sen. Gil Puyat  Avenue
Makati City
[t] (632) 895.8095 / 898.1234
Singapore Math: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program 12
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