Manila: 2nd Blogger Fiesta 2011 at Cyberzone SM North EDSA

2nd Blogger Fiesta 2011

Blogging Community

Image source: Azrael Coladilla
Blogger Fiesta was not just about Google’s Blogger or Blogspot [before] even though the event is in celebration with the platform Blogger. Among many other things, the blogging community becomes increasingly active and organized gatherings such as this creates a camaraderie among bloggers themselves and at the same time learning is a continuous process. Every now and then a blogger’s perspectives and objectives get shabby, rustic, or at worst decayed. 
I came in at around 11:15 on my clock and sat beside Jenny Manongdo [mannaforjenny.tumblr], most bloggers came in very late. Old faces came in late and newer ones arrived, determining what’s ahead with the blogosphere. I started blogging barely a year ago, but I have been active online since, say 12 years ago? 🙂 
Azrael Coladilla – “Blog layout and how to use Blogger template designer”

Juned Sonido [] – “Bloggers and On-line Promotions”

To kick-start the event, Azrael Coladilla – the blogger behind Azrael’s Merryland, Blogger Fest, event organizer, etc. played along some video clips related to latest gadgets, webby to ponder on, blogging tips and tricks.
Azrael Coladilla‘s topic basically tackles a blogging 101 for newbies or for those who wanted to start a blog. Google has applied a lot of improvement and updates on its Blogger features. Making it the most user-friendly platform today. Although most WordPress users I know recommend it because of its powerful tools and features.  By now, I’m thinking of studying WordPress and perhaps shifting one of my sites to achieve a diverse blogging experience.
Juned Sunido discussed the previous DTI’s noisy display of interest against online promotion. To date, DTI has temporarily released approved guidelines effective only until November 2011. Ongoing discussions are under scrutiny, lets just hope DTI will remain open-minded and fair to everyone.
Bob Reyes [ / Turfsiteph Computing] – “Hosting Your Own Blog or Website”

Jhong Medina [] – “Optimizing WordPress for Search Engine for Beginners”

My take on Jhong Medina‘s presentation, using WordPress must have been too technical to handle [for now] there’s too many structured pieces to engineer proficiency. My blogs being in Google, could gain enough traffic at the right phase, little by little I tried to follow the basics of SEO but the thing is it’s too engaging unless I develop a serious sensibility to  earn online [which to some were the justification of their blogging careers]. But for the meantime, the blogs will stay on what is now, a mix of parenting, lifestyle and even food and travel. It will remain as it is for a while until I decide which path it has to take.
Bob Reyes‘ story about the Bob Reyes of the Philippines vs. Bob Reyes of the United States was gratifying, he possessed a virtual property able to sustain the site for such a long time and then here comes this dominating guy from the U.S. persuading him to sell the domain name to him and eventually after offering him a value cost of $10,000 he cast-off by saying he only have $9,000, what a moron! 🙂
Jonel Uy [] – “BBB for B (Brand Building Basics for Bloggers!)”
Jonel Uy and David de Angelo take on  the blogging genre and style. Jonel  talks about the 4C’s  of blogging: Character, Content, Context and Creator. He must have an eerie disposition with the alphabets: 4B’s transfigured into 4C’s. 🙂
He presented the blogging branding with concise and a blend of Jonel Uy’s systematic lecture. 
David D’ Angelo [] – “Blog Personalities: Knowing and Writing for Target Audience”
While David de Angelo “aka” Steve Austin rocks the house with his brawny entrance, indeed he exhibited a taste of what a blogger’s character, persona and psyche should impose. In layman’s terms, differentiate your blog’s disposition depending on the market niche. If your into political-related topics, then  set out your fearless views and opinions for the the public, in case its youth oriented – take consideration the current craze and fad, animated, graphic, fascinating, the blog should not appear boring and if you intend to  blog about entertainment and/or lifestyle – deliberately show your fondness to tittle-tattle, scandals, buzz and whispers.
Carlo Ople [] – “Blogging powered by Social Media Steroids”

Jenny Manongdo [MannaforJenny] – “The Joy and rewards of blogging”

One of the speakers we eagerly awaited was Carlo Ople‘s. If you have attended iBlog7 last April in U.P., his talks about “The Ten Power Blogging Tips” has now multiplied that he added “6 More Power Blogging Tips [related to social media]”.  His presentation is validated by up-to-date figures and data, and shares his theories about social media generously. Soon he may possibly release a self-published narratives or books perhaps entitled “The 100 Power Blogging Tips” provided he will by chance do a mandatory 8 to 9 more speaking engagements. 
I was surprised and excited when I saw Jenny Manongdo‘s name on the list of guest speakers. Being a journalist, she did an amazing job conveying her thoughts! Journalists, as I see it, are like a walking dictionary without narrative definition but are armed with so many viewpoints. 
Her subject being the joi de vivre and perks of blogging, focuses on being the blogger persona as the future communicator, being proud as a blogger, and carrying on with the blogs as a hobby so as not to get pressured on some other blogging issues. Just like the brand-strategy guy Mr. Uy 🙂  Jenny was able to jive with the crowd by giving away small tokens to those who participated in her discussion. 
Tasha []

Marnell Delos Reyes – “Resolving Blog Issues 101”



Even though there’s no foodie to rave about 🙂 I got myself a beefy meal from one of the guest speakers and blogger friend Jenny Manongdo. Good thing she was a semi-vegetarian and fortunate I was there and was a 3/4 vegetarian. The beef rice toppings come with a separate sauce and lemonade. While the Fruitas Ice Candy stand was there, I couldn’t seem to afford one because of my bad sore throat. At the end of every speaker’s discussion, they hold a raffle giveaway, they say my name came out for a Thunderbird shirt shortly after I left the area for some bathroom breaks and Jollibee treats. And it was forfeited but it’s okay I was aiming foolishly for the main prize and guess who won one of the major prizes, Jenny Manongdo, the substance of joy and rewards of blogging proves its point at that very moment. Congrats Jenny!, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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