How To Vote: 8 Important Things To Remember

How To Vote: 8 Important Things To Remember


Philippines National Election 2013
Philippines Government Agencies

VOTE intelligently!
1. Prepare your list of candidates on a piece of paper.
2. Bring your Voter’s ID, if not available present any of the government-issued ID: Passport, Postal ID, SSS, Driver’s License.
3. For senior citizens, pregnant women and disable individual, you may bring collapsible tool chair. Some precincts are congested with long line, don’t expect foam boat seating type to be offered for your convenience. At least do try to expect that there are still generous people exist to share their spot.
4. Taking pictures and using you mobile phone are not allowed inside the precinct premises.
5. Precinct opens at exactly 7AM and casting votes is until 7PM only.
6. Find your name from the master’s list – Precinct Computerized Voter’s List (PCVL)
7. Once your ballot was completely filled-up (remember it is your choice whether to complete the list or not) feed the ballot to the   PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machine.
8. Mark your forefinger with indelible ink.
9. When your done voting, (if I were you) take photos from outside the precinct, observe your community and share any feedbacks via social media: facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus. 🙂

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