Best Things to Do in San Miguel, Bulacan

Travel Guide: Heritage and culinary places to see and try when planning a trip to San Miguel, Bulacan
Best Things to Do in San Miguel, Bulacan

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San Miiguel, Bulacan. October 2018.

San Miguel Arcangel Church (San Miguel de Mayumo). San Miguel Arcangel was founded by the Augustinians in 1607 as a part of the Candaba (border between Pampanga and Bulacan) visit. From 1726-1872, San Miguel Arcangel visited the towns of Gapan and Macabebe both located in Pampanga proper. San Miguel town used to be acknowledged as part of Pampanga province. The current church was built with bricks, concrete, and steel in Baroque architecture, spearheaded by Padre Juan Manuel Tombo in 1848. Construction was completed under the term of Padre Francisco Arriola in 1869. In 1898, during the Spanish regime, the church became the fortress of the Spaniards under Lieutenant Telesforo Carrasco until they yielded to Philippine revolutionaries headed by Col. Pablo Tecson. During World War 2, the structure was heavily damaged and underwent re-organizing in 1941-1948 under the term of Padre Honorio Resurreccion. It was re-constructed in 2003. To date, the church is administered by the Diocese of Malolos. San Miguel Arcangel is said to be the only Spanish-era church in Bulacan province that has a belfry attached on top of its pediment. Atop the entablature lies a stone sculpture of Saint Michael slaying the demon. The church also serves as the resting place of notable families from Bulacan, part of Philippine history you can visit the late Dr. Maximo Viola’s tomb, he is known as a close friend of Jose Rizal, who is also a propagandist and writer like Rizal. He financed the publishing of Rizal’s work – The Noli Me Tangere.

best things to do in san miguel bulacan
San Miguel Arcangel Church

How to get there?
Poblacion, San Miguel, Bulacan

Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria. A century old parish with mixed style of architecture, during its renovation the parish was extended to accommodate more church-goers and at the same time modern designs were applied mostly within the interiors. The façade of the church was restored to its original architectural design. This parish houses Christian sculptures in different sizes and other religious items for the purpose of veneration.

best things to do in san miguel bulacan
San Jose Church

How to get there?
Norberto Street, San Jose, San Miguel, 3011


Municipality of San Miguel, Bulacan. This 2-storey structure was built in 1874. Renovations were done from 1998 – 1999 under the Chief’s town Santiago Carlos Sevilla. Our group was greeted with warm hospitality by the community. The courtesy call from the present Mayor of San Miguel, Hon. Marivee Mendez-Coronel made this tour more relevant as she discussed together with Architect Ervin Garcia of Arki’s Grill their insights and future development plans for the town’s progression. San Miguel’s major industries include quarrying, farming, and food processing. The town is known to produce products related to sweets, native delicacies, baked goods, balut, salted eggs, and Bulacan cuisines; but they are famous for their chicharons and pastillas. Also, there are unheard family heirloom recipes to discover.

best things to do in san miguel bulacan
Municipality of San Miguel Bulacan

How to get there?
Municipality of San Miguel, Bulacan
San Miguel, Bulacan 3011 Philippines


San Miguel Culinary. When in San Miguel plan your trip strategically so you can drop by residential turned restaurants and eateries with hidden innovative recipes and most of all taste their grandmother’s cooking legacy. We listed down 10 local food entrepreneurs from San Miguel, you can virtually access the must have dishes at Foodamn Philippines (Villena, Daryll. “What to eat in San Miguel, Bulacan.” Accessed 9 October 2018. Available from

best things to do in san miguel bulacan
With media and bloggers via Visit San Miguel Culinary Heritage Tour 2018

Visit San Miguel, Good Place. Good People. Good Food. When you’re looking for something old/remarkably new the same way Anton Ego’s food indulgence; hop in the town, order these goodies: pan de carne of BJ Snack House, buffalo wings with shawarma rice by Rasta Taco, bicho pops and pizza from Adam’s pizza, palm-size buko pie from Samara’s Buko Pie, the legendary Goyena’s Chicharon, kilawin tanigue and kalamay with latik from Thumbs Up, Cristy’s Pastillas, kesong puti nuggets from Sweet Bulakenya, activated charcoal drinks and doughnuts (that taste like J and K) from Amazing Glaze Doughnuts/Grabites and super affordable Milktea Network (that can outplay the blockbuster line of C) and the delish Thai mookata, samgyeopsal and boodle fight with Arki’s Grill.

Watch the highlight of our best things to do in San Miguel Bulacan adventures through this 3-minute video.

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Bulakenyos are amazingly industrious and driven people, thus, they are dubbed as one of the most progressive provinces in Central Luzon. Rewarded with rich resources, the local community utilizes their ingenuity, preserving their family’s traditions, and they strive hard to uplift their livelihoods. Visit San Miguel to experience the hassle and grooves I’m ranting about, Bulacan isn’t that far anyway.

best things to do in san miguel bulacan
at the welcome arc of San Miguel Bulacan


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