An Overview – Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 [MORCon]

Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap

“Change of breeze from MORCon 2011 – from writing quality content, keyword strategies, doing website audit, best practices for online marketing, coping up with algorithm updates, link popularity, building authority sites, viral marketing, what’s hot, what’s not and the list goes on.”

Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Leoneil Maranan “aka” Kapeng Barako did the welcome remarks
A few days ago, I was caught up with the SEO frenzy after joining the recently concluded Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 hosted by SEO Organization Philippines held at University of the Philippines’ School of Urban and Regional Planning Multi-Purpose Hall [Diliman, Quezon City] last October 29, 2011.

Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Alwin Clores, outgoing SEO Organization Philippines’ President

When it comes to site or blog optimization proficiency, I’ll probably fall under zero-level compared to the expert SEO-techs’ theories and level of experience. I’ve read and tried to grasp some SEO’s tips and tricks, but rarely apply the method religiously. I  may know a thing or two about “keyword” functionality apart from that I had so many questions in mind about how Google works and its behavior.

MORCon is an annual SEO conference held in the country, where influential Filipino SEO’s share some of their knowledge and trade secrets about the present trend on the online marketing industry for the local internet community.
Presentation as seen:
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Sheila Dela Peña
Sheila Dela Peña on “Website Audit – Site Analysis and Reporting” [Online Marketing Junior Manager at
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Ed Pudol
Ed Pudol on “How to Build an Authority Site” [Owner and CEO of]
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Benjie Arriola
Benj Arriola on “Local SEO to International SEO Strategies” [2007 SEO World Champion and SEO Director at Internet Marketing Inc.]
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Jason Acidre
Jason Acidre on “Viral Content Marketing: Creating, Promoting and Scaling Content” [Marketing Consultant at Doubledot Media and blogs at]
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Ester Del Fierro
Ester Del Fierro on “Social Media Ninja Tactics” [Online Marketing Manager at]
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Myles Vives
Myles Vives on “Surprise Juicy Internet Marketing Topics” [COO of]
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Kim Agapito
Kim Tyrone Agapito on “How to Bulletproof Your Content and Survive Any Algorithmic Change” [blogs at]

Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Juanito Jacela
Juanito Jacela on “Pay Per Click [PPC] Strategies []
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Mark Acsay
Mark Acsay on “SEO Mistakes to Avoid” [SEO Consultant and blogs at]
Takeaways from MORCon
Around one hundred fifty online professionals attended the event, eager to learn SEO techniques. Mostly, the topics handed down does not excuse anyone from being geeky, ours was a different case, my buddy, a  math teacher/VA newbie morconer even tweeted me this “I’m having anemic syndrome.” Even Sheila Dela Peña, the first speaker on stage, notices her “Are you okay?” I wasn’t able to ask other attendees neither can’t assume the percentage of those who had massive nose bleeds 🙂  People were mostly crazy-serious to learn stuff and applied it to their projects.
Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap
Any viral backlash? Who get the wows and the woes.

The crowd spent almost 12 hours of brain-storming/sharing with the top SEO gurus, because of time constraint,  too many engaging topics each speaker had to unload, some slides need to be skipped and fast forward to give way for the next speaker, cutting it short could only mean a difficulty to absorbed everything. Consider the audience, probably not new to you and maybe new to some. But in respect, the event was truly informative and realistic.

Some speakers caught the interest of the audience, thumbs up for SEO Champion Benj Arriola, who flew all the way from California. His presentation became interactive by throwing in questions while discussing around the hall, reaching out to his audience. What I like about this guy, he was so humble and approachable. 

I also enjoyed the laid-back approach of Ed Pudol, the newly elected SEO Organization Philippines and Jason Acidre.

Keep  publishing, keep growing and keep promoting” –  by Ed Pudol 

While Acidre’s viral marketing rocked the house, he may not have explained it articulately (public speaking jitters) but his prepared slides did more of the talking. With his creative-marketing approach of link-baiting, he has proven it as feasible and effective. It only proves to show, success with SEO or any brand marketing is open to everyone who has passion and dedication. The juicy Myles Vives nailed it! How can you resist the urge to listen 🙂 I meant his YouTube marketing strategies appear workable, not to mention he was able to establish it in a step-by-step formula on how a video can become a profitable venue for a specific target market.
Mark Acsay‘s final presentation was intriguing “Darkside of SEO” when he laid out some examples and bits to stay away from. Although being an SEO practitioner, trials and testing were part of the game in which results would manifest a better comprehension between White Hat  and Black Hat SEO. He could have shared more but for some obvious reasons, the guy won’t spill all the beans. Sheila Dela Peña and Kim Tyrone Agapito‘s presentation rocks as well. For newbies like us, Dela Peña’s lecture was a learning experience. Agapito, on the other hand, tackles content management and gives emphasis on creating quality, relevant,  and timeless content. Having great content, no matter the age of the document, will continue to rank well. His talk gave hints about manual reviews and ways to secure your website rankings  from every tweak made by the famous G and other search engines. Experts try to assume [every now and then] how Panda ranks documents and how much weight those algorithmic adjustments may carry in its latest strategy of website rankings.Public speaking need not be boring, there are means to engage your audience: some site examples, cracked jokes, talks intelligently and with humor. Please don’t show rants and random attacks the way you deliver your talk, keep the gibberish expression to your peers. Considered a convincing topic, your listeners have judgment of their own. 

About the following concerns.

Venue – it was relatively crowded, a bigger space perhaps next year. 
Facilities – there’s room for improvement; table counters/side desks for lappys, pads, and doodling, I still love to write on crisp paper in this age of technology. 🙂  I had the same observation with other attendees,  there’s no decent WiFi access. And the cooling system fluctuates from time to time. But overall, those things were just secondary, we’re here for the lectures and discussions.
Certificate –  Something went wrong with the paper size for a “certificate“, the font size and the alignment of paper cutting, and the OC in me.  A friendly suggestion to the printing in-charge to speed up the task, since some of the participants already confirmed payment online, those batches could have been printed in advance, so as to avoid cramming and long waits. 
Organizer – good job guys for putting up a show. Everybody loves the overflowing of foodies and the photo booth brought highs and smiles as well. 

Mastering Online Ranking Conference 2011 Recap

Congratulations to the organizer, speakers, and core members. Thank you for the information dissemination and I hope someday I can be of help to the organization and promote the vision and goal of SEO Philippines. Let’s get back to work, enjoy tweaking and experimenting!, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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