Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

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Tips for would-be face mask wearers

A list of recommended online shops in Manila that sells stylish face masks to wear for the new normal

And the also the worst purchase so far.

Given the prevalence of the new normal, face mask functionality is just as important item must haves as we go through global COVID-19 pandemic. As required by Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID), people should wear masks when going out in public places.

The best face masks for civilians to wear are made of cloth. Leave the surgical masks and N95s for the healthcare professionals and essential workers. Besides, designers have been in the fabric-mask game for a long time.” (Vogue)

Small businesses have stepped up by creating locally-made reusable and washable cloth face mask that serves its purpose,  in just about every style you can imagine. Designed with ear loops, adjustable strap, snug fit, and provisions for filter sheets. It looks like we’re going to be wearing cloth face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to find one that tune in with your lifestyle. For added protection, you can place a surgical mask inside your cloth mask.

We’ve rounded up some of Manila’s local brand face masks, from two-toned, some neutrals, some pastels, summer look, abstract to floral prints and the aesthetic sense. Check out these online shops if you’re looking for reusable face masks:

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DSP Manila
Instagram: @dspmanila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dspmanila/

For online orders: https://shopee.ph/dspmanila

Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

Instagram: @fabmanila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fabmanilashop/

Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

New Norm
“Washable facemask, designed to protect and to fit your style choices”
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewNormPH/

Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

Blackbird Printing
Instagram: @blackbird_printing

“Live the moment, occasion wear”
Instagram: @zoo_label

“Protection Essentials”
Instagram: @eika.ph

Masabel Iloco
“Washable, reversible, filtered and locally made
Instagram: @masabel.iloco

Style Ana
Instagram: @styleanaph

Marco Pilipino
Instagram: @marcopilipino

Maison Metisse
“Honest, ethical and handmade”
Instagram: @maison.metisse

“Designed for your journey”
Instagram: @wanderskye

Instagram: @marcereza.ph

Cassey Little Tots
“Cute and affordable face masks”
Instagram: @casseylittletots

La Mama Manila
Instagram: @lamamamanila

Motifs and Memories
Instagram: @motifsandmemories

Face Mask Manila
“Siliconewith replaceable filters
Instagram: @facemaskmnl

Tips for would-be face mask wearers

  • Mask protection efficiency. KN95, surgical mask, and FFP1 masks are the ones that gives the strongest protection. When going to crowded environment make sure to wear one of these instead of the plain cloth mask. Cloth mask served its purpose if accompanied with filters and the raw material used. Cloth mask is safe to wear in occasions with less contact with people.
  • Right FIT. Fit measurement is not readily available when purchasing face mask. Some mask makers create a model with strap/loop adjustments. Some sellers include fit measurement information on product description. Pay close attention if the mask is not sealed or set properly onto your face, chances are, loose mask will not protect against fine particles and is less comfortable.
  • Wear it tight. Face mask should not be touched by bare hands when you are already outside, otherwise it’s prone to contamination. Under any circumstances, do not allow your face mask to continually fall below the nose area or stays around the chin. Wear your face mask with comfort and strap it really tight.
  • Avoid lipstick. Cheap lip colors have high chemical concentrate (same goes with the luxe brands) and could pose danger to your. Choose lipstick that are safe for everyday use. “Trapped heat, humidity from mouth breathing and friction from the mask can irritate delicate lips. It’s also very difficult to reapply lip balm frequently under a mask and you may also be less inclined to keep up drinking fluids. This can all add up to exceptionally dry, cracked lips. It’s vital to find a long-lasting lip product that stays put and performs barrier repair.” (Dr. Sam Bunting). Ideally, use a stick or wand formula rather than a pot so you don’t need to put your finger in and increase the risk of germ spreading. “Whether you choose a disposable paper mask or a washable mask or a fancy cloth scarf mask to cover your face from nose down, the messy result is the same: smears on the mask, smears all around the mouth and face.” (Puente, M. 2020) This pandemic, lipsticks took a deep plunge. Practicality-wise, consumers dive into products that contain less inconvenience to deal with. Rather than lipstick, some chose smudge-proof lipsticks, lip balms, lip pencils, lip tint hydrating balm, or tinted balm. Some focus on applying eye-shadows and tints to highlight the upper section of the face while wearing the face mask on. 
  • Do not buy from scalpers. Online sellers are rampant and offer unrealistic jack up price. If you spot face mask sellers with higher suggested retail price, widened your options and look for the best price that suits your budget.
  • Keep it clean. When going outside, our personal habit is to bring extra face mask sealed in  a clean zip lock, carry pouches, or small drawstring bag. Do not keep your face mask JUST inside the bag. The bottom part of the handbag is usually the dirtiest.
  • Pair with small-framed sunglasses/eyeglasses. The purpose of wearing eye protection glass/goggles/face shield is to avoid scratching your eye/face. Specifically to keep away from air borne virus and droplets. Make sure your face mask is sit high and sealed around the bridge of your nose and fit tight so that the moist won’t get through the eyeglass.
  • Communicate with your eyes. Practice to convey your message through your eyes. A glow in your eyes will show your smile and responses.  There’s an age-old saying the “eyes are the window to the soul” and in many ways it holds true. There are other ways to show respect, but our eyes reflect our sincerity, warmth, and honesty. “Eye contact is a type of body language that is extremely important during communication and conversation. Sometimes, our eyes and body language speak even more than words. Keeping eye contact with the person you are talking to shows that you are actively listening and paying attention.” (Liam. 2019)


        Worst purchase so far. We have our ups and downs when ordering face masks online. What face mask not to order online? Beware of Lazada sellers based in China, they create different accounts, once the negative reviews came in from their customers. The problem with this kind of sellers are: deceitful branding. They used aesthetic images with false product description. As far as Lazada is concern, we don’t know why they allow such sellers well in fact they follow strict procedures to validate and approved their merchants.

        Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online 1

        Mask parade #MaskCheck #SpotFake: The worst and inhumane merch I bought this quarantine! 🤣 Victimized by #Lazada seller (from China) 🤣 Deceived by misleading aesthetics (swipe image 6 to 10). Today, we got these pathetic son-of-a-gun (tho we knew something is off, seller’s product cancellation was disable) 😁 It says. 6-layered-composition, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-haze. And Truster Seller kuno pa sila. 🤣 It nullifies the purpose of using THE MASK as a shield and protective measure (‘coz it’s made of foam), likewise dapat ‘magbasa’ 🤓 #ChargeToExperience, nasaan and hustisya? Day 75 28MAY2020.

        Tips for would-be face mask wearers

        After a week. We’ve found another face mask, purchase from Lazada (from China shipment), the set cost around less P400 including the shipping fee. Ordering from Lazada is like a trial and error, love-hate relationship. (*wink) Keep it at bare minimum.

        Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

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        Updated as of July 24, 2020.


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