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Marketing strategy has evolved since the kick-start of internet, more so with the social media that has been making waves on the live wire. The country’s No. 1 broadsheet – the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been very much active in the online bandwagon as they double up the effort of sharing relevant information to the readers from both the traditional media and from the online platforms with Job Market Online and Pinoy Best Deals.

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Philippine Daily Inquirer family with Manila Blogging Community

Blogging community was tapped recently by Philippine Daily Inquirer to witness the launching of and (more…)

Parenting: Summer 2013 Activities For Kids

Summer Activities For Kids this 2013

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Philippines is beginning to feel the summer heat as the school year ends and laid back days for the children is about to begin. Most children and young adult will spend the long and lazy phase as they juggle around different summer activities for kids that are worth spending. Home-based recreation and pastime may attract boredom and redundancy such watching TV, video and online games. Alternative summer activities outside your home are an ideal form of learning and at the same time having fun in honing the natural talents of your child. Let their creative minds and abilities shine as they explore their growing years. Expose the children to a creative approach to properly sharpen the imagination by letting them join  workshops, summer camps, enrichment studies and other exciting summer activities.


FINANCE 101: 21 Ways Rich People Think Differently

21 Ways Rich People Think Differently (Finance 101)
A Repost from Yahoo Finance

Deiville had the urge to repost this finance-related article, as we deemed financial factors to those without healthy wealth alliances and perhaps could make use of the said article and better improve the way to rationalize why the rich are getting richer and the middle class keep on struggling. In short , DO as they say or remain struggling for the rest of your life. It’s a matter of re-positioning oneself to attract the same force  to claim financial stability.


CARTIMAR Pet Shop Updates on 2012

Cartimar Pet Shop
A Place for the Rich Animal Lovers or
Simple Animal Breeders?

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The first thing I observed when I went in Cartimar pet shop during the very first time, yes it was a haven for animal breeders and lovers and is also a place to cater to higher society. Why? Because most breeders and pet lovers are the ones who spend big amount to sustain the hobby.


Halloween 2011: Proactiv brings Treat without the Tricks

Proactiv brings Treat without the Tricks

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Halloween 2011: Proactiv brings Treat without the Tricks 1
It’s Halloween,  the time of year when kids go gaga over fancy candies and chocolates. But hey, kids are sometimes fooled with tricks of getting nothin’ and this is the part where parents gets stressed with annoying child hungry for sweets. And when parents get so much pressured, literally everything is in jeopardy from irritating mood to high blood, really ugly facial expression to the point they developed tired eyes, dry skin and worst acne!  I have a solution to suggest, came across Katy Perry’s online image from Proactiv’s Trick or Treat Promo, she was displaying FREE Ferrero-Rocher chocolates! How’s that for a treat mom and dad?