Skincare Tips from Proactiv+ 3-Step Clear Skin System

Skincare Tips from Proactiv+ 3-Step Clear Skin System with Dr. Lara Savage

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Skincare habits depend on your lifestyle, the stuff compatible with you may not work well with others. But the common perception is that skincare hacks are deemed effective and handy until you uncover the effects based on your personal judgment. These tips may help (or maybe not at all) but anyways it serves its purpose on how to have an ideal health in general.
Recently, Dr. Lara Savage created detailed practical tips on how to take care of your skin patterned after her medical studies. Before that, we’re re-sharing our version of skincare tips based on our daily habits. We created the 10 Beauty secrets on how to keep a clean, clear skin way back in 2012 and to date these hacks are what we’re still practicing back home and have proven effective, the way we see it through our youthful looks! (wink)

Dr. Lara Savage

Excerpt from:
Acne Prevention: 10 Beauty Secrets How to Keep A Clean, Clear Skin
#1 Wash and thoroughly cleanse face and body frequently. Don’t just rely on soaps and liquid body gels. Consider your skin type when making purchases. A tried and tested method is to buy a small bottle or sampler and make a skin test (skin patch). Observe within 2 to 3 days if signs of pimple or worst acne appears, or even other skin rashes. At this point, discontinue use of the product and stick with extra mild, PH level facial soap/cleanser and body soaps. Don’t even rely on dermatologists and high-end beauty centers, the decision is yours to make proper judgment. Back home it’s what we referred as “hiyang”.


Never go to bed with an unwashed and make-up loaded face. Know the drills: use make-up remover, wash, deep cleanse and tone it down. Moisturize if needed.

#3 Exfoliate skin once a week to rub off excess oils and dead skin. Schedule a monthly pampering for your skin and body such as facials, face massage, body spa, fish spa, negative ion spa, and the works.

#4 Religiously eat vegetables and fruits, the more natural and raw – the better. Skip add-ons like excess sugar and too much salt and oil.

#5 Drink, drink and drink plenty of liquids, from water to natural juices. Refrain from drinking alcoholic drinks and even smoking.

#6 Habitually drink your body’s supplements. Vitamins like E, C, Calcium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Collagen, and other multivitamins can help in attaining vibrant skin and a healthy immune system.

#7 Go Natural. Check your beauty products, health supplements and even your food intake from harsh ingredients such as artificial colors, preservatives and other dangerous chemical additives.

#8 Get the right track of sleep, studies recommend sleeping from 10pm to 4am repairs and regenerates the body and its immune system.

#9 Engage in meaningful activity. Join fun runs, yoga class, zumba or have an early or late afternoon jog. Learn something that you really want back then when you don’t have the luxury of time to do it.

#10 Socialize with friends, family and even strangers. Immerse yourself with reliable and good people, have a good laugh and think of the positive vibes!


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Dr. Laura Savage is our featured Proactiv dermatologist, she studied Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, where she also obtained an honours degree in pathology. She trained as a Dermatologist within the Yorkshire Deanery. This included three-and-a-half years of research investigating the use of biological therapy in psoriatic disease culminating in the award of a PhD degree.

A video by Dr. Savage on Dermatologist skin tips: The importance of sticking with a skin routine to get rid of blemishes.


Useful skincare tips from Proactiv dermatologist Dr. Laura Savage

Cleanse gently and wisely. While deep cleansing sounds desirable to purify oily blemish-prone skin, over-washing and harsh cleansers can do more damage than good – by stripping away the protective barrier, skin is left dry and vulnerable to bacteria. Avoid using soap too – the high pH of soap will dry the skin and cause a compensatory surge in oil production, leaving skin in a confused state with an undesirable combination of dry and greasy patches.

Choose a cleanser containing helpful anti-inflammatory ingredients such as salicylic acid to help soothe inflamed pimples, and gently massage over the entire face and neck for at least 60 seconds (to allow any active ingredients to take effect). Avoid cleaners and toners containing harsh alcohol-based astringents and ingredients such as witch hazel, which typically cause a sting on application and make the skin appear red. Small flaking patches might indicate you’re over cleansing, so ease back and then gradually increase the frequency of use as your skin adjusts and gets used to the product.

Make salicylic acid your star ingredient. Salicylic acid is one of the most effective breakout-fighting non-prescription ingredients and is a great choice of exfoliant for those with spot-prone and oily skin. Salicylic acid targets pimples by sloughing away dead skin cells that clog pores and lead to breakouts, and also minimizes pore visibility.

Moisturize! A common misconception is that moisturizing is bad for oily skin prone to breakouts. It’s true that many creams and lotions contain ingredients that can block pores and make breakouts worse, so never put a product designed for your body near your face.

Look for products labelled ‘non-comedogenic’, which is a fancy way of saying they don’t contain ingredients that block pores and lead to the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. Hydrating the skin with an oil-free moisturizer will not only counteract the drying effect of many spot treatments, but also loosen the pore-blocking sebum (skin debris and grease) leading to clearer and healthier skin overall.

Give it time and be optimistic. Sometimes your skin can take a while to adjust to new products or active ingredients. Direct your attention away from the guide on the bottle and focus only on your skin. If you experience signs of irritation or over-drying, try reducing the application to every other day (or even less often) for a couple of weeks before gradually increasing back to daily.

Remember that it can take 4-6 weeks for breakouts to diminish, so you need to persevere with a new product for at least this long (and ideally a bit longer) before really deciding whether it is doing the trick and clearing your skin.

Keep your hands off! As tempting and satisfying as it is, squeezing a pimple really is the worst thing you can do so keep your hands off! Pressure on an inflamed pimple will push the contents of the grease gland (oil, bacteria and dead skin cells) into the surrounding healthy skin which causes damage and more inflammation.

Squeezing can lead to a temporary darkening of the skin (so called ‘post-inflammatory pigmentation’) that can take weeks, even months to settle, and scarring, which can be permanent and difficult to treat – not cool. If you really find it difficult to resist squeezing, instead try applying a warm compress (like a clean face cloth) to the pimple for 5 minutes to reduce any swelling and then apply a for example a` salicylic acid-based product.

Review your makeup choices and clean your brushes. It’s a fact that as breakouts worsen, the more make-up we use to try to conceal the problem. For pimple-prone skin, making the right cosmetic choices and regularly cleaning applicators are essential if future breakouts are to be prevented.

Mineral-based makeup products are a good option as they contain ingredients such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and silica that mop up excess oil without blocking pores. Also, switch to a concealer that contains a blemish-fighting ingredient such as salicylic acid to not only reduce the visibility of blemishes but also help reduce the size. And just as would be the case if you didn’t wash your face each day, make-up brushes accumulate a daily layer of pore-clogging product, dirt and bacteria – your skin’s worst enemy.

Aim to cleanse your brushes at least once a week using baby shampoo or a professional brush cleaner to keep them in tip top condition.

Review your diet. For many years, the jury was out as to whether there was a link between diet and breakouts – the hard evidence was simply lacking. But over the past decade, many dermatologists now agree that hormones in cow’s milk may stimulate oil production and promote breakouts.

Similarly, foods with a high glycemic index can cause a spike in blood sugars, causing a rise in hormone levels and sending grease glands into an oily overdrive.

Try reducing cow’s milk intake to just 1-2 servings per day (or choose an unsweetened alternative like almond milk), and cut out fatty foods high in omega-6 fatty acids and refined sugars (generally found in all the foods you know are bad for you!) – even if your skin doesn’t dramatically improve, your waistline will!

Use a good skincare routine like Proactiv+ Proactiv+ 3 Step Clear Skin System has Smart Target technology that delivers acne-fighting formulation directly into the pores. It is formulated to address blemishes, help deliver PLUS benefits such as improved visible texture and clarity, brighten and smoothen skin, and diminish the look of dark marks. The 3-step system starts with a Smoothing Exfoliator which removes excess dirt and other impurities. The exfoliator is applied on damp skin and rinsed with warm water after two minutes. The second step is called the Pore Targeting treatment. It stops the acne at the source because it delivers blemish-fighting ingredients directly into the pore. The lotion is applied all over the face to allow full absorption. The final process of the Proactiv+ 3 Step Clear Skin System hydrates the skin with the Complexion Perfect Hydrator.  The moisturizer will reduce redness, help lighten acne marks and help brighten skin.

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