Key Takeaways from ManyChat Instagram PH Summit 2021

ManyChat, Instagram PH Summit 2021

DM Automation

Manila. November 19-21, 2021. ManyChat hosted Instagram PH Summit — a three-day event packed with industry experts sharing the latest expertise in all things Instagram.

The summit covers a cohesive instructions about Instagram DM Automation. There is so much to learn on this platform,  with the help of ManyChat and the right ingredients to strategize and implement facebook and instagram ads.   The resource speakers shared their expertise with co-digital marketers and online business owners alike.

manychat instagram summit poster
ManyChat Instagram PH Summit poster

Content is King, Engagement is Queen. Content is still the king. However it’s the effort behind that makes it successful. 20% writing or content and 80% effort. Content should have a sense of direction and should be coupled with consistency to achieve converting our audience to clients.

Without strategy, content is just stuff. In the US 71% of online businesses already use Instagram. Start to grow followers, grow engagement to convert, by 2023 Instagram will be a bigger ads revenue source than Facebook.

Engagement is the key. Ask questions, post entertaining, useful, interactive, relatable contents. What we do before the sales conversion makes the difference. Being true to your IG audience. Engage and be involved as much as your audience does. It takes time sometimes, but repetitive responses can be automated.

The 60-30-10 Strategy. Sales Success – 60% is who you are talking to, 30% is what you offer and 10% is how you communicate/persuade.

Interact with their own feed. Be social, be an active user just like how we do things on Facebook . Messaging or communicating is the key to position yourself as the solution provider. Get to know your audience well first. Engage and start a conversation with them
ask what they want. And finally, be authentic in your content.

Facts tell, Stories Sell. If you have a product or services you must speak of it. Tell your stories and share your process, it will show your passion. Buyers buy passion over products and services.

  • Your business page or every time you make content should always highlight or solve the audience problem.
  • And on Instagram, it is always about building a genuine connection and being authentic.
  • And you can monetize your Instagram through: Reach – Influence – Engagement

Email marketing. Still the best strategy to nurture customer engagement. Send emails, even for formality. Make it about them, not about you.

Funnel Marketing is a customer buying journey to your brand. Consumers buy not the product/services but the experience – how your product/services solve their problem. To capture, engage and convert your audience, make sure they see your business is built with real people.

Ad Hacks. How to generate your first 100 leads?

  • Research your competitor’s ads
  • Make use of custom audience and lookalike audiences
  • Create irresistible lead magnet
  • Always test
  • Don’t give up and give your best in everything you do
  • Communication is one of the ingredients of success
  • Make a difference
  • Your business page or every time you make content should always highlight or solve the audience problem
  • Always use CTA in every post to increase your engagement

Marketing is about solving consumer problems (by John Pagulayan)
Unsolicited feedback is the most genuine.
How to gather insights? Watch your inbox, create polls, let them ask questions, read comments, track brand mentions, and spy on their profiles.

  • The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.
  • Solving consumer problems.
  • Posting about your products alone is no longer enough.
  • You understand more about their wants, problems, and concerns more than they do. This allows potential consumers to imagine themselves using your product. Tell them about people just like them. Use simple words. Stories make them root for you. When people feel you understand them more, that’s when a sale takes place.
  • Nearly half of customer retention depends on customer experience.
  • Consistency breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales.
  • 70% Trusts peer reviews and recommendations more than professional content and copy.
  • Invest in micro-influencers
  • Run contest giveaways
key takeaways from manychat’s instagram ph summit 2021
Top 5 secrets to get more ecommerce sales (not just clicks) (by Jungie Gumiran)

Instagram Ads. Running Instagram ads is easy and profitable

  • Create and manage ID ads using FB ads tool (Ads Manager)
  • Strategy on targeting, creatives, and offer is almost the same.
  • Whatever works in Facebook Ads, 90% chances will work on IG Ads.

Must place both ads on IG and FB to determine where it works well
Ad budget must be based on data not on assumptions

3 things to remember when running ads
Know your audience. Know your market’s likes, who they follow, what they share.
Traffic Temperature – Cold, Warm, and Hot Market
Marketing Funnel (Customer Journey)

Expose the business to social media by using ads to catch more customers. Do it daily.

Audience in the hourglass
Acquisition on top – Cold, Warm, and Hot
Retention on bottom – Customer, repeat customer, and loyal customer

The Hourglass Formula
The strategy means communicating to the right offer (message), to the right audience (target), and at the tight time (customer journey) to achieve eCommerce growth. Customer retention is the most important part, you should focus on the life cycle beyond sales. The customer journey does not end at purchase or acquisition. For your business to succeed, a continuous sale is what businesses aimed for.

Top 5 secrets to get more ecommerce sales (not just clicks) (by Jungie Gumiran)
1. Play with your IG feed creatives

  • Start with video ads or the cold campaign
  • Almost 70% of everything shared in Instagram feeds is images.
  • Run user-generated content* (UGC) or influencer videos instead of “too promotional” videos.
  • Have more video variance. Add text/caption or change 5 sec.
  • Have captions and catchy titles.
  • By using videos, your ads will stand out.

*UGC – type of content that is generated by the users of the product or services.

2. Leverage Instagram Stories

  • Why stories? Low CPM, high visual, very millennial
  • Get the best of your instagram stories using:
    o Add “Swipe up” or “Swipe left”. To increase your Click Through Rate (CTR)
    o Mirror organic behavior. Create ads that don’t look like ads
    o Use animation to add authenticity: videos, gif, overlays, or stickers
    o Use carousel ad format for videos longer than 15 seconds. Each video can stand alone in    terms of content delivery.
    o Add text layers (captions, subtitles), 80% of people watch ads with NO sounds

3. Work with influencers

  • Instagram, Youtube, or Tiktok influencers
  • Nano, macro, micro, and mini influencers
  • Their audience should be relevant to your products or services
  • Use their content for your ads

Show your product behind the scenes.
Customer unboxing or packaging products.

4. Don’t forget to retarget

  • Create different offer depending on their objections
  • Pricing, product quality, and knowledge
  • GIFs and still images work!
  • Use automatic placements – Not IG and FB only

Ads should address the following:
Set A
• Page engagement retargeting
• Addressing objections on why (your brand) and not your competitors
• With 3 creative variance for testing

Set B
• Page engagement retargeting
• Reiteration of product benefits
• Strong call to action at the end

Set C
• Website engagement retargeting
• Address issues on pricing
• Giving them reason to act now – HOOK: Extra 10% off + Free Shipping

Set D
• Image ads
• Putting bundles at front, instead of selling 1 product.
• Increase average order value (AOV)

5. Take advantage of the holidays

  • Don’t forget to run ads and market to your existing customers
  • Exclusive discounts, giveaways, and promos
  • Goal is to increase repeat orders

Create a good brand/product, before anything else. There’s no amount of marketing that can fix a bad product. No matter how good your ads are, if the brand is bad, it will die a natural death. Always sell good products that fulfills its promise. It will give us passionate customers that will help our product be known.

It’s what you do before the sales conversation that makes all the difference. One valuable insight can change your business overnight.

7 steps to becoming an instant chatbot expert and doubling your business in less than 30 days (by Charlene Ormo)

  1. Define your goals
  2. Identify your assets
  3. Identify your sources of traffic
  4. Map out your chatbot blueprint
  5. Give it a personality to give it life and be human-like
  6. Start building
  7. Test it before you launch it


Important Tips:

  • When using chatbots, humanize the conversation.
  • Do strategy of selling through social media. Know your audience and retargeting & other strategies.
  • Create a good brand. The brand or product should have a better purpose so it stays in the market industry for as long as it serves its purpose.
  • Lead generation is very crucial. No leads = No sales
  • Email marketing. Still the best strategy to nurture customer engagement. Send emails, even for formality. Make it about them, not about you.
  • Being true to your IG audience. Engage and be involved as much as your audience does. It takes time sometimes, but repetitive responses can be automated.
  • Present to the right audience.
  • Don’t try to serve everyone or you will end up serving no one


Advantages of DM Automation

  • Fast reply and qualify immediately your potential clients
  • Grow your email lists via chat
  • No waiting moment for the client messaging you
  • Grow your business 6,7,8 Figure!

Marketing is not about advertising. It’s making things better and making better things. At the end of the day you need data. This will advise you on what you are doing right or wrong. Depending on your platforms, use that data they have. If you are in Shopee, run ads directly on Shopee.

Faith without work is nothing. Take the opportunity to apply what you have learned and make haste for the latest things in the market. Having the right tools in doing the sale is just halfway if you don’t have the right person for the offer.

The first step to success is applying the principles you’ve learned. Without taking actions, all that learning will be useless and you will not move forward. By 2023, Instagram is going to be the main source of revenue for Facebook.

Knowledge that is not applied is USELESS., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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