Juno Parungao: Her Art, Astrology and Crystology

Juno Parungao’s Art, Astrology and Crystology With JIV Manila Art Group’s ART-360

Filipino Contemporary Artists

A friend of mine sends me a note about Juno Parungao’s Art, Astrology and Crystology event with special mentions on the rocky part – the crystals. She may have noticed my fascination with crystals although I get into it only through personal research from books and trusted articles online. I remember showing her the small black velvet pocket pouch I always carry whenever I’m out of the house and some crystal bracelets I wore most of the time. The small pouch I collected have the following gems were: rose crystals, emerald (not sure of its authenticity), amethyst, citrine, and onyx. Few blogger friends had the opportunity to have a small conversation with the artist – Juno Parungao prior to her speaking engagement that afternoon about her crystal art. I showed her two of my bracelets – the tiger’s eye and citrine, she had broad knowledge about the topic and I was at ease trusting her judgments. She ask permission if she could “touch” the bracelet — unknown to some genuine mineral crystal stones/gems cannot be touch by someone else except by the owner. It was believed it has a designated and certain source of energy that gives the owner and binds them together. Negative energy may possibly absorb by the crystals coming from other people. That is why, I learned before the “cleansing” methods to ward off the negative energy these crystals had acquired.

Juno Parungao’s keynote that afternoon involves crystal art, astrology and crystology. Her influence with crystals and astrology was infused to her paintings and philosophy.


A bit of information about the Filipino Visual Artist: “Juno Parungao is a psychologist, astrologer, crystologist, educator, scholar, painter, and a lover of colors and scents. Juno has been known for her astrological portraits, portal paintings and after-crystal paintings seen in various galleries in the metro since 2008. As an educator, Juno has taught humanities, psychology, communication and research in academic institutions such as the University of the Philippines, La Consolacion College, De La Salle University and Mint College. She is currently a full-time visual artist, consultant and a candidate for a doctorate degree in education psychology.”

Her art transforms the non-objective works based on astrology, crystology and psychology. Parungao was able to merge Western and Eastern astrology readings and gems in filling up up the canvasses with philosophical visualizations through a play of colors and textures incorporating other materials such as stones, beads, papers and found objects.

Her commissioned work is mostly rooted from personal manifestation and assessment based on her client’s need. Why embed crystals into paintings? As mentioned, crystals/stone/gems requires adept “cleansing” and taking care of, say a bracelet, which will eventually gets loose or broken. The idea of personalized approach – client gets authentic gems that fits their aura, astrological and psychological signs, and most importantly it is bonded to last for a very long time. It’s an investment that has beneficial effects to the owner, health-wise, mind clarity, abundance, enlightenment, power, creativity, stability and so on.

Juno Parungao is one of the emerging new age artist of her time, my belief with crystals and astrology – I somehow applied the principles to my daily journey only to play as a guide but not to totally entrust your future on it, instead focus on positive vibes and the need to put “actions” on it.

Juno Parungao is visual consultant for JIV Manila Art. Together with other Filipino contemporary artists they formed Art-360 as part of JIV Manila’s advocacy: “Art for a meaningful life”.

JIV Manila Art Group is a collective of artists, scholars, and consultants forwarding contemporary art practice and appreciation. Promoting art by constantly discovering meanings, concepts and forms in every day life. JIV Manila is the platform that weaves art into people’s contemporary lifestyles.

JIV Manila Art
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More photos from Juno Parungao’s Art, Astrology and Crystology at U-View Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street held last August 5, 2012 – click here.

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  1. When it comes to a visual display of color, line, form, and overall composition, Abstract Art has a language all its own. The imagery included in Abstract Art paintings are often far fetched versions of reality. Sometimes they are paintings of things that only the artist is able to interpret. There are artists who are able to get their point across to the public, by painting in such a way that is appealing to just about anyone who views their work.

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