Casmara Cosmetics – Philippines: Regenerin Mask and Shinestop Facial Treatment

RGenerin Mask 2055 and Shinestop Treatment

at Casmara Cosmetics – Philippines’ SPA Party

with Manila Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

I was lucky to have the opportunity to experience a “relaxing” treatment and pampering from Casmara Cosmetics – Philippines by Diana Stalder with our fellow Manila bloggers.  The treatment is not the ordinary type you may had before, it consists of step-by-step procedure like the basics of having facial done but what sets the Casmara concepts from the other skin care clinics itself was the research and development, innovative active principles and efficacy of Casmara mask and the benefits it offers to their consumers.

Casmara Cosmetics – Philippines gathered around 10 enthusiastic bloggers and had skin diagnostics individually mostly limited to the skin types, lifestyle and age bracket.

Casmara brand is a Spanish professional cosmetics originated from Valencia, Spain since 1974. They introduced “Original Algae Peel Off Mask” to the market and from there they reinvent the passion for skin care.

RGenerin Mask. The treatment I had from the skin therapist, as to why? She may have seen my winning eye bags come to life! 🙂 The Rgenerin mask is for cell regenerating and skin anti-irritant. The reason my black-circle eyes needs to regain its composure.

verb – regenerate
revive, revitalize, renew, restore, breathe new life into, revivify, rejuvenate, reanimate, resuscitate

Before Regenerin, our first stop was to remove the make-up and impurities with make-up remover accompanied with soothing facial massage. I told the therapist before hand that I do not prefer facial pricking. She proceeded by applying RGenerin enzyme for intensive regenerating and facial shock treatment. The enzyme uses a set of technology called ARGIRELINE – it inhibits repetitive facial movements, RECOVERINE – regenerates and restores the skin balance, HORSETAIL EXTRACT – supplies silicon to improve the firmness of the skin, and LACTOFERRIN ENZYME – prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms. The benefits of the enzyme was for shock treatment for cell regeneration and renewal resulting in deeply regenerated skin.

Afterwards the Shinestop, again the facial massage was “relaxing” I could hear another blogger from adjacent room snoring her chest out 🙂

Then she held a glass bowl filled with sky blue mixture. She mixed up the two components (gel tube and powder sachet) vigorously for 30 seconds using a wooden spatula. The process must be done immediately as the mixture starts to harden within 4 minutes. I was able to manage a photo shoot while she was applying the RGnerin Peel Off Mask, but I’m not sure about the photos I took when the mask was completely applied to my face. Take note that the mask was really cold and pleasant to the skin, the therapist may have applied double the amount within the eye area, I felt a little heavy on that part and still no matter how heavy it was, the soothing effect was ecstatic. Me being an observant, I tried to open my eyelids so as to see a little light from outside, hoping to cracked it.  The peel rubberized itself after a few seconds. The mask was left for 15 to 20 minutes. The skin therapist remove the mask in one single piece. After some massage, yellowish light therapy (timed) was applied  to close the skin pores.
I was advised that I can take home the mask and used the reverse shiny side of the mask within 24 hours and place it inside the refrigerator to avoid contamination.


Regenerin Mask is basically composed of Carbohydrates mixed with Linseed and Aloe leaves, it has emollient, soothing and regenerating effect. Linseed contain oils, mucilages and enzymes that soften and calms the skin while aloe leaves contain “aloin” that stimulates the generating of new cells and have anti-irritant and soothing effects too. Noted the linseed and aloe used in this formula came from ecological agriculture. What’s great about Casmara mask is that they are plant-based meaning there’s no harmful chemical involved.

Overall, Casmara Cosmetics – Philippines is the “State-of-the-Art” in facial masks with their Algae Peel Off Mask line. Consumers this might be the right time to indulge yourself in pleasurable cosmetic treatments with extraordinary Spanish cosmetics – Casmara. Nine different algae peel off masks to choose from according to skin type – easy to apply and remove – no problem for facial hair as it slides off easily and can be applied on both eyes and lips because its non-toxic. The masks are excellent for wrinkles, lines around the eyes and lips. Excellent toner for the facial skin, lifting and to close pores.

After each treatment, bloggers came out with a smile on their faces. They become more inquisitive with the details of the treatment they had experienced. True enough the ultimate and “relaxing” part when availing the treatment is close to addiction. Although the signature treatment is a little steep for ordinary consumer – the supreme facial and facial mask is charged entirely different, but the clinic that is Diana Stalder normally offer it by package say PhP1,500 for a minimum facial + mask treatment. You get the value for what you paid for, its not just the service, but do try to compare the essential benefits you get from a Casmara treatment. The quality of the product and efficacy renders in immediate result on the skin, it acts directly where it is mostly needed. That is because each treatment is based from the exterior and  condition of your skin.
The following day, I put on my take home light-blue RGnerin Mask for 20 minutes. The effect on the skin, yes the soothing and cold characteristics can still be felt. After removing it, there’s the rejuvenation, supple and glowing of the skin. By the way, after the treatment – the marketing people from Casmara Cosmetics – Philippines gave each blogger a black Casmara pouch – each blogger received a different sampler Casmara Prestige ampoules and sachet sampler, depending on the treatment we availed. Since I had RGnerin Mask, the complimentary suited for my treatment were Casmara Prestige Nature Ampoules Stabilizer (a premium quality facial specifics) and Casmara Prestige Hydro Absolute RT4 Retinol + Vitamin C (a premium quality facial essentials). We were given instruction as to when and how do we apply it. Everybody deserves some pampering once in a while, for you distinguished the real effects of Casmara treatment, go out and give it a try!

Casmara Cosmetics – Philippines‘ SPA Party with Manila Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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