Blogging: Formula for Success by Anton Diaz

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Blogging: The Formula for Success
by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet

I used to read about Anton Diaz profiles and success articles/features from local entrepreneur magazines, and eventually read his blog posts — being a full-grown businessman that he was. Everyone might think he just blog and eat and travel and then blog again – for a living, I happened to know more of his profile, passion, and entrepreneurial skills (apart from the articles and buzz) via a whole-day seminar organized by the Manila Workshops of Manila Reviews tandem, Ginger and EJ Arboleda.

The blogging theories, formulas, and maven secrets he shared in through the workshop were full of insights and tested methods. We get to capture his ideas on how to create a website or a blog posts without leaving trails of garbage on the internet (and I meant irrelevant blog posts that are often sourced out from other authority blogs, spun articles and even ego-tripper bloggers.) Most essential part of the workshop I get interested with was about knowing the “critical elements of a successful blog” and “blog banner ads inventory and policy” based on his own experiences. The formulas were all given to us and, what we need is implementation, passion and be different is the key sole to attain relevant and concise blogs. Nah! I will not share any given details, Anton Diaz quoted Seth Godin’s Patina vs. Shine, read and analyze your blogging techniques and progression.

“Shine is fresh and new and it sparkles. Shiny catches the eye and it appeals to the neophiliac, to the person in search of polish.

Patina, on the other hand, can only be earned. Patina communicates trust (because the untrusted don’t last long enough to earn a patina) and it appeals to a very different audience.

The old guy at the gym in spandex, taking steroids and brutalizing himself on the big machine–he’s trying to be both and accomplishing neither.

Brands and organizations face the same choice. A book like Permission Marketing could be updated weekly, in a vain attempt on my part to keep it shiny. But that makes no sense, as the ideas in it are important because they’ve been right for a decade, not because they’re new. That’s what a new title is for.

The challenge, then, is to let your classics thrive precisely because they’ve earned the right, because they have a patina of quality–but not to rest on those laurels, but to get busy inventing the new shiny thing for those that demand it.”

Visit facebook page for more workshop photos is moving forward from these learnings, I adopted some changes and repositioning of website elements to bring positive vibes for my blogs. I even thought of what not to write and what subject to focus with. If you want to take blogging to a higher level, I recommend ManilaWorkshops blogging seminars. Other blogging technicalities can be access online anytime but listening to an expert’s ideology differentiate things, for one you’ll get a handful of ideas and proven tactics., created by Green Dei (Daryll)
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Disclosure: This article is being published based on my opinions. No business relationship involved with any company or organization promoting this event. Thank you EJ and Ginger Arboleda for the inviting deiville =)

Daryll Villena

Daryll Villena

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