Benefits of Tamanu Seed Oil for Your Skin

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Tamanu seed oil is extracted from the seeds of a tropical evergreen tree. This oil has been used for hundreds of years in the Pacific Islands. The scientific name of tamanu seed oil is Callophyllum inophyllum, from the Greek words “kalos,” which means beautiful, and “phullon,” meaning leaf. Learn more about the role that tamanu seed oil plays in vegan face moisturizer and how this natural oil supports organic acne treatment.

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Antibacterial Properties
Tamanu seed oil has antibacterial properties and can be particularly effective against bacterial strains that cause acne. A 2015 study observed that this oil was helpful at suppressing levels of Propionibacterium acnes and Propionibactrium granulosum bacteria. Tamanu seed oil has a thick viscosity and penetrates skin at average speed, giving it time to control bacteria levels on the surface. This oil may leave behind a slight residue, but should not clog pores.

Excessive levels of bacteria can lead to breakouts. When a treatment that contains tamanu seed oil is applied, skin benefits from high concentrations of calophyllic acid and calophyllolides, potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that naturally occur in this oil. It is important to properly apply any treatment that contains tamanu seed oil in order to experience the full effects of this treatment. Find out how to use Meltdown acne oil to clear up current breakouts and prevent future flare ups.

Anti-inflammatory Characteristics
Calophyllolides present in tamanu seed oil are anti-inflammatory agents that are helpful for a wide variety of skin conditions. Sufferers from acne or skin irritation may find that applying treatments that contain this oil help to reduce overall levels of inflammation. Some of the most immediate effects of using a treatment formulated with tamanu seed oil may include the diminished appearance of breakouts and skin redness.

These benefits are most pronounced in high-quality tamanu seed oil. This sustainable oil is pressed from tamanu nuts or “punnai” and can be costly because approximately 45 pounds of tamanu fruit render just two pounds of oil. To render this healing oil, the nuts must be dry cured for six to eight weeks in the sun and cold-pressed to preserve the full range of natural compounds. The oil ranges in color from dark green to deep brown and retains a nutty scent.

Skin Cell Regeneration
In addition to clearing skin, tamanu seed oil is also beneficial for reducing visible signs of scarring. This oil promotes faster healing and restores healthy levels of collagen and lipids. A balance of oleic and linoleic fatty acids are also helpful for restoring lipid levels to support healing. The cleansing and emulsifying properties of stearic acid work to regulate bacterial levels as calophyllolides reduce inflammation. Delta-tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E, provides skin with antioxidants necessary to reduce oxidative damage.

These compounds combine to even out and smooth skin, reducing discoloration and uneven textures. Get all of the benefits of tamanu seed oil by using a treatment that provides all of these advantages and makes the most of the antibacterial and emollient properties of this oil for the optimal health of acne-prone skin., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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