Best Things To Do in Taal Batangas

Travel Guide: Accommodation, itinerary and places to see when planning a trip to Taal Batangas – Best Things To Do in Taal Batangas

Are you planning for a weekend getaway to visit the heritage towns of Taal Batangas? The best way to capture Taal Poblacion is to bring your backpack and itchy feet, to walk along the old roads leading to 19th century ancestral “bahay na bato” houses, cultural sites with historical events from Philippine revolution heroes during the Spanish colonial era, artefacts and heirloom from prominent families, and Taal culinary recipes. Best Things To Do in Taal Batangas depends on your travel curiosities.

taal basilica st. martin de tours

Basilica of St. Martin de Tours in Taal Poblacion

CULTURE IMMERSION. Heritage towns turned into museums gains an understanding of the past traditions, arts, humanities and the old ways of life. There are number of museum exhibits in Taal Poblacion, a close proximity with each other. Don Gregorio Agoncillo White House is full of historical facts from the daughter of Don Gregorio to being a wife to Emilio Aguinaldo; in modern days, the chair beside the window is said to be the resting place of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago while waiting for her bespoke clothes. The door entrance is PHP70/person. Other museums with fascinating architectural heritage that is worth visiting are: Galleria Taal, Leon Apacible Museum, and Marcela Agoncillo Museum.

don gregorio agoncillo white house don gregorio agoncillo white house






GET LOST IN THE LITTLE VIGAN OF THE SOUTH. Ancestral homes are said to be over 180 here in Taal. (more…)

Abby’s Garden Resort Accommodation: What to See, Eat and Stay in Taal Batangas

Travel Guide: Abby’s Garden Resort Accommodation and Itinerary in Taal Batangas

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Taal Batangas has so much to offer — from beaches, Batangueño culinary, heritage towns, artisan shops, bed and breakfast to full accommodation. An estimate of 3-4hour drive from Manila, it is a convenient, vacation-friendly tourist spot to anyone who wants culture immersion or just unwind in one of Batangas known beaches. While at it, Abby’s Garden Resort accommodation is where you can spend a day or two while doing all of that discoveries within the area.

abby's garden resort taal batangas

The Gazebo at Abby’s Garden Resort

abby's garden resort taal batangas


The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center Launches the Museum Annex and James Dean Café

The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center Opens the Museum Annex and in house café, James Dean Café

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Marikina City, March 2018. The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center is the first in Asia to feature a plethora of books and all sorts of reading and print materials from one of the most-travelled man is Asia, Atty. Dominador Buhain, the President of Rex Group of Companies (a printing company inherited from his parents). He has travelled in over 230 (as of January 2018) countries and islands in his lifetime, throughout his travels he brought with him a vast collection of books, artifacts, art collections and other personal collectibles.

the book museum cum ethnology center

The Book Museum, being a book museum presents an array of different kinds of books and other printed materials from all over the world. Rare items such as: (more…)

Best Things to do in Bali Indonesia

Travel Guide: Accommodations, Itinerary and Places to see when planning a trip to Bali, Indonesia

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Picturesque rice terraces, spectacular beaches, ancient culture, countless temples, volcanic mountains and more await you on this remarkable vacation in the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia. Be ready to conquer to this paradise as we dive deeper into what it has to offer. There are several private villas in Bali where you can relax and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle far away from the crowds.

Planning for a one of a kind vacation in Bali? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! Let’s get into details about the top things that you must do in Bali.

best things to do in bali indonesia


GET LOST IN THE ANCIENT TEMPLES OF BALI. There are thousands of temples in Bali. Make sure to explore the impressive temples namely, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Saraswati, Bedugul and lastly, the Besakih temple, known as the holiest of all of the temples. When visiting these sites, you must dress modestly and cover your knees and shoulders. (more…)

Travel Philippines with your UNITED HOME TRAVEL KIT: What to bring in your next travel adventures

For local and foreign trips, be sure to remember these travel essentials and tips with United Home Travel Kit

How great it is to be a Filipino, we have the best beaches, tons of tourist spots, undeniably great cuisine fusion, provinces with exceptional beauty in terms of landscape, historical value and culture to immerse, share the experience with others.

We’ve been to several local tourist spots in the country the farthest is Ilocos Norte (been eager to visit Batanes soon!) in Luzon and Davao City in Mindanao. Perhaps we have different preferences when it comes to travel, some like the full-prep, planned long-haul flights while others have penchant for random road trips. Depending on the situation, like for us whenever we’re bound somewhere like hiking/trekking, beach trips, food trips these are more often done with effortlessness planning. Most local outings we did involve planning the number of heads, days of stay, booking of hotel accommodation, travel time and proximity of accommodation to places to visit, local food and places to try. That’s about it. But for foreign trips, travelers need to carefully planned the essentials and by all means luggage are cohered to bring only what’s important. “What’s inside your travel bags?”

unilab home travel kit unilab home travel kit








Best Things to do in Hong Kong

Travel Guide: Travel essentials, tips, itinerary and budgets when planning a trip to Hong Kong

They say you cannot visit all the hot spots in Hong Kong in one visit, the key here is to prioritize the destination that motivates you from food hunting, shopping and strolling. It involves a lot of WALKING! So brace yourself and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  What’s nice about there – people are fast-paced, the escalators are fast and the transportation from city bus to MTR are super fast and efficient. The food hubs at night are excitingly busy,  the shopping districts are open until midnight. Arm yourself with the moolah and you’re ready to hit the HK culture! Best things to do in Hong Kong.

best things to do in hong kongVisit Macau
– Lago de Senado (Senate Square) (more…)

Golden Crown Guest House – Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Travel Guide: Golden Crown Guest House Accommodations, Hong Kong Itinerary and Expenses

Updated travel guide as of 2017, places mostly covered are Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Jordan, Victoria Harbour, Sha Tin and Lantau Island. This trip is planned ahead of time from airline to accommodation. It’s best to contact the hotel/guest house directly thru the website. Inquiries and reservation can be done online. Golden Crown Guest House (GCGH) requires a deposit of HK$1000 ($130) via PayPal or credit card, the rest of the balance can be paid upon arrival. The reception also exchange $ to HK$ with rate not lower than 7.7 , they also have discounted tickets to Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak Tram, Macau Ferry and the rest of the tourist spots in HK. I recommend purchasing tickets in advance to save time. For detailed travel tips – Travel Guide: Things to do in Hong Kong and Macau where to find the cheap swags and food joints!

Golden Crown Guest House Accommodations
Transportation to and from airport, purchase Octopus card at International Airport Arrivals, this card is (more…)

Travel Philippines: 10 Tips to Make an Online Booking

Travel Guide: Travel Philippines via Online Booking

Traveling to the Philippines from island to island has become convenient to everybody with the help of online booking sites that offers comparison from hotel rates/accommodation to location guide.

astoria palawan puerto princesa palawan

Since 2012, I started to book our family trips through hotel booking sites. Makes your inquiries comes in handy with the detailed information available for every traveler. The most recent trip we had was in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan last September 2016. We booked a 2 room suite at Astoria Palawan for 4D/3N. The accommodation comes with breakfast buffet, shuttle service and private amenities such as infinity pool, fat bikes, kayak boats, paddle boards and nearby Palawan water park access. City tours and tourist spot tours are charge separately but can be scheduled with hotel assistance.


CARTIMAR Pet Shop: Flora and Fauna

Cartimar Pet Shop
Flora and Fauna Section

This is the second part of Cartimar pet shop and shopping mall features. Most of family weekend, we spent it in Cartimar mainly because we breed personata african lovebirds (ALBs) and have frequent dog accessories and supplies.

Cartimar pet shop is divided into multiple sections, the center part of which are the canine, birds, cats, rabbit, and other animals for sale and its wide range of supplies from feeds, treats, accessories and cages. Exotic animals like martinez (PhP350 each), african gray (PhP35,000) are one of the best finds you can have during a lucky day at Cartimar.

Cartimar Pet ShopFlora and Fauna Section

African Gray



Stamp Archives and Updates About Philately
Postal Museum and Philatelic Library
Footages from Postal Heritage Walking Tour August 2012

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Museums are often times regarded as well-guarded and safe-keepers of valuable entities, but Postal Museum and Philatelic Library sounds nostalgic, interesting and surprisingly the building is about to diminish from its existence.

Postal Heritage Walking Tour

The museum is situated at the 3rd floor of the 4-storey Postal Money Order Building inside the compound of Manila Central Post Office. We were told the 4th floor was already condemned and abandoned, hence when rainy days hops in, the roofing literally leaks water rain from atop down to the 3rd floor, where Postal Museum and Philatelic Library sets up a couple of basins to caught hold of the water coming from the top floor. Signs of the times, the building naturally looks devastated with wear and tear from the ceiling, wall interiors down to the carpet floors.