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Postal Museum and Philatelic Library
Footages from Postal Heritage Walking Tour August 2012

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Museums are often times regarded as well-guarded and safe-keepers of valuable entities, but Postal Museum and Philatelic Library sounds nostalgic, interesting and surprisingly the building is about to diminish from its existence.

Postal Heritage Walking Tour

The museum is situated at the 3rd floor of the 4-storey Postal Money Order Building inside the compound of Manila Central Post Office. We were told the 4th floor was already condemned and abandoned, hence when rainy days hops in, the roofing literally leaks water rain from atop down to the 3rd floor, where Postal Museum and Philatelic Library sets up a couple of basins to caught hold of the water coming from the top floor. Signs of the times, the building naturally looks devastated with wear and tear from the ceiling, wall interiors down to the carpet floors.