2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival Round-up

2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival 2013
Organized by Galileo Enrichment Learning Program
February 9, 2013
Held at Crowne Plaza, Manila Galeria, Philippines

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Philippine Education
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What did I benefit from 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival? Sure I can share a few model approaches I learned from this event. My worries is that our child is about to enter grade school, how can we meet the needs and availability of a progressive school with integrated Singapore Math curricula (if I wanted to pursue it). With average resources my family has and limited schools available (based on our vicinity) to enroll at. How can I ensure she gets quality education, proper teaching method, quality teachers, holistic approach and creative environment?

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With Dr. Queena Lee-Chua as plenary lecturer for the 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival


Galileo Singapore Math: Unlocking the Secrets – A Bloggers’ Sessions

A Dash of Introductory and Additional Information About Galileo Singapore Math
Galileo 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival
Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, Quezon City
February 9, 2013

I heard about Galileo Singapore Math from Blogapalooza One event last September 2011. A Galileo representative briefly demonstrates (in five minutes) the simple logic of problem-solving, Math that was, in time for Galileo 1st Singapore Math Learning Festival.

Unlocking the secrets of Galileo Singapore Math was a breather for parents like us, the room started with math-invibe prayers. Ma. Rowena J. Matti (CEO of Galileo) explains that “…the idea of Galileo was born out of the intention to uplift the education industry. We saw that the model for learning was evolving with the time. We saw the growing rate in tutorial services prompted by fast-paced schools trying to cope with the demands to produce competent and competitive members of society. However not all children march at the same pace. There are those who learn differently and others who are not suited for big classroom environments.