2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival Round-up

2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival 2013
Organized by Galileo Enrichment Learning Program
February 9, 2013
Held at Crowne Plaza, Manila Galeria, Philippines

K-12 Curriculum
Philippine Education
Tutorial Centers
School Supplements

What did I benefit from 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival? Sure I can share a few model approaches I learned from this event. My worries is that our child is about to enter grade school, how can we meet the needs and availability of a progressive school with integrated Singapore Math curricula (if I wanted to pursue it). With average resources my family has and limited schools available (based on our vicinity) to enroll at. How can I ensure she gets quality education, proper teaching method, quality teachers, holistic approach and creative environment?

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With Dr. Queena Lee-Chua as plenary lecturer for the 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival