Parenting : 12 DIY Home Repair Ideas for Moms

12 Most Frequent House Fixing Every Mom Should Know

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Home Repair Ideas

Daddy’s toolbox and working table is one of my favorite home spot to create knick knacks (arts, craftingg, party giveaways) and most often to fix just about anything and bring it to life.

When the male factor is not in the house and sudden things fall out of control. We, yes WE  moms in the house can unleash the MacGyver in us, how do we do that? Just familiarize your sense and handworks from the basics. I’m pretty sure you have hammer, nails, pliers, drills, long nose, metal sheet cutter, screw drivers, etc. in your cupboards. The stuff were invented to help humans use logic and proper applications.

Here are some of my Do-It-Youself (DIY) home tips for Moms who handles house management


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